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The perfect street travels Suzhou of China

The perfect street travels Suzhou of China

Write: Christian [2011-05-23]

The perfect street travels  Suzhou of China


Taking tourist bus No. 2 can be reached


The perfect street lies in the hotel area in Suzhou ancient city. Become, enjoy great prestige food and beverage, characteristic street of the craft of China and foreign countries already now. Famous south forest hotel, Suzhou hotel, south garden hotels and classical garden Wang Shi Yuan Gardens are located in in this street.
The perfect street, hope to go at one glance, after having much new building rooms of the style in Ming and Qing Dynasties, a family restaurant, craft shop opened one after another, differ from one another, have specialized the intersection of fish and head cook over a slow fire restaurant, the intersection of collection and tea restaurant that culture Wu integrated with food and beverage of soup, know mountain city hot pot, Japanese food, South Korea cooking of the flavor at all directions, roasting, the wide Nation, Huaiyang delicacy,etc., the school of style of cooking is complete.
Craft at the perfect street shop to each show their to be long, have, have a monopoly in the intersection of Suzhou embroidery and work of art, the intersection of pottery and shop of antique, calligraphy and painting,etc., red stoneware, pottery, silk, calligraphy and painting, metal and stone, jasper, mahogany article, fill with everything here.