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Nine villages travel in week Suzhou of China

Nine villages travel in week Suzhou of China

Write: Anscom [2011-05-23]
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Nine villages travel in week  Suzhou of China


The ticket of scenic spot of the consumption detail of the village: 30 yuan / adult, children are 1.2 meters under free of charge, half-price ticket of 1.2-1.4 meters, more than 1.4 meters of unanimous vote Coupon ticket( Only restricts not weekend, not uses on festivals or holidays) : 50 yuan each (accept now the group within 50 people book) Including: Ticket ( Worth 30 yuan) Shake the scull certificate Worth 10 yuan) Take out the coffee certificate Worth 25 yuan) Horse race certificate grow up first lap Worth 25 yuan) Fishing certificate( It is worth 15 yuan that the fishing tackle is leased) The recommendation 1 of the activity, fruits and vegetables are plucked: (check out live, seasonal price consultative centre) March May: Strawberry, Sang Shan, peach, tomato,etc.

June August: Pear, plum, grape, water-melon,etc. September November: Grape, pomegranate, date, fig,etc. December February: Mandarin orange, strawberry,etc. Seasonal vegetables: Cucumber, tomato, corn, water spinach, Goddess of Mercy dish, sweet potato leaf,etc.

( Comments: The above invites the consultative centre specifically) 2,Ride a horse: Adult: 25 yuan / 40 yuan of circle / 2 circles Parent-offspring: 35 yuan / 50 yuan of circle / 2 circles Children: 15 yuan / 25 yuan of circle / 2 circles 1 under children can t ride a horse 3, quarry the pearl alone: Five year river clam 30 yuans /only,eight year river clam of 50 yuan /only,clam pearls inner quarried


Nine the intersection of recreation and ecological village lie in the intersection of Kunshan and the intersection of city and bars of urban the intersection of usher and West Road week, adjoin the male genital and settle the lake, takes up an area of more than about 700 mu, incorporates lying fallow, going sightseeing into an organic whole, and get The demonstration pilot project of China s agricultural tour Title. Consist of nine major districts of orchard districting, animal s appreciation areaing, large canopy districting of fruit, vegetables districting, spending and skill districting, nursery gardening, roasting angling area, center of amusement of chess and card of coffee etc. in the garden Water curved to flow song, visitor go boating at their can look at the scene of both sides or follow the island to stroll allly ing, can view and admire the strange flowers and pluck the high-quality and characteristic fruit, enjoy long recreation time heartily.
Ecological restaurant: (taste exclusive table delicacies)
The sunshine is green there are grand imposing manner of northern garden and graceful and restrained bearing of the private garden of the South in the main buildings of ecological restaurant. Consist of the South hall, Taiwan hall, South Korean hall, Japanese hall,etc. distinct in style in the drawing room. Can admit 800 people to have a dinner at the same time in the ecological restaurant. Designs and makes by master Mr. Xia Yan of the famous design of garden in China, the restaurant is fixed up peculiarly, the ancient wood reaches to the sky in the drawing room, the flowers and trees are luxuriant and well-spaced, the customer of the restaurant sets off in the green shade, taste the organic vegetables that the village produced in the natural environment of the gurgling water sound by oneself.
Animal s kingdom: (award naturally harmoniously) :
1)The equestrian course takes up an area of more than 30 mu, ring of the runway is 390 meters, Iraq to introduce Tian Mountain of Xinjiang amounts to more than 10 plowing a plurality of assortment such as horses, Mongolian horse, and allocate a experienced riding a horse coach and let you experience the free playing an outstanding role in of prairie, get rid of the confusion of the city. Characteristic activity of the adhoc equestrian performance, photographing on horse in the equestrian course etc.. Spacious champaign, or spur the horse and dart, or lead a horse and take a walk, delighted, satisfied.
2)Nine village introduce scarce the intersection of animal and white camel especially week, they the intersection of Mongolia and bimodal the intersection of camel hair and the intersection of color and genetic mutation and form, whole body is covered by the white or milky white hair, show the beautiful peak different from the general camel The feeling is unusually precious.
3)The ostrich is the biggest bird in the world, they have given up flight ability, the stature like the giant of the Great Wall. Though can t hover freely, there are extremely fast running speeds.
In nine villages of this ecological paradises of week, are still inhabiting many kinds of animals such as sika, otter s rabbit, moustache sheep, Poul s goat, white goose, peacock, they are concentrated one s attention on and cared for by the stockman, or play, play, or look for food alone, leisurely and contented, a solemn harmonious big family. Can realize the wind blows the low natural scenery which sees cattle and sheep of the grass here, can enjoy the fun of feeding the food at short range even more.
The fruit-Picking area of freedom: (enjoy and pluck fun)
1)Strawberry: The strawberry variety of the ninth of week is called Zhang Ji ,It is the fine variety that Japan bred in 1992, began to plant experimentally and start to enter China after introducing Shuangliu County of Sichuan Province in 1998. The fruit shape take the form of taper, good neat, odd-shaped fruits are few, rich in the gloss, the blade is shown in long and round, the leaf color is dark green, the average simple fruit weighs 15-20 grams, color of fruit is scarlet and gorgeous, bright the fruit, the peel is relatively tough, the pulp is soft and juicy, fragrant and strong, there is few sweet many acid of flavor, candy degree is high, quality is extremely good when the fruit is finished ripely. Adopt the sunlight greenhouse against season organic culture, can guarantee the strawberry grows up under the threat without plant diseases and insect pests, can also meet the requirement of health and safety at the same time, can pluck and eat now now, rest assured to enjoy the freshest fragrant and sweet delicious food.
2)Grape: Grape of nine champions of Palestine of village of enervated week, plants with the large canopy, the rain-proof protection against insects, it is more apt to regulate the room temperature. It must be careful to attend to it extraordinarily, install the bag and water, prune branches and leaves.
3)Pear island: Amount to 16000 square meters on the pear island, variety of precededding etc. that existing jade precededs, green. The organic pear peel is thin, juices are many, taste sweet, environment-friendly.
Green smart garden:
The design idea of the green smart garden, it is to build an cool in summer and warm in winter, ecological garden of the four seasons overflowing with vigor. Whether mainly viewing and admiring the content has stereoscopic tracery wall of cultivation technique of soil, waterfall, hyclrophyte, many meat plant, tropical fruit tree,etc., for instance: Carambola, one bar of happy, fog of the lotus, candied date, papaya, flue fruit, there are one hundred fragrant fruits of Taiwan of far rich great reputation. Can personally pluck green healthy stereoscopic vegetables after viewing and admiring, taste the mini lemongrass hot pot in winter, scorching Xia Ri, Ma Yingjiu s peanut ices the sand in a cup of nice and cool bar counter point And delicious muffin, breathe how precisely various plant release, come out have a rest, have a picture taken as a memento in snow white and seven little short persons world carrying the happy happiness, find the children s interesting of that child s simplicity. Flowers art design build scene give you graceful comfortable situation, desert the intersection of plant and the intersection of district and of such a size the intersection of celestial being and column the intersection of prohibition and people sigh peculiar pen to stop nature come.
The center of amusement of recreation: (happy big collection)
1)Romantic cafe: The village has two caves, no matter fragrant pavilion in the simple and unsophisticated flavor ,In the conditions and customs of rural area The mountaintop ,Hold the blue mountain coffee with strong fragrant fragrance, sample the beautiful scenery of the village, let you feel completely relaxed and happy immediately, carefree and content.
2)Angling area: Raise assortment such as carp, silver carp, blusher fish, perch, Chinese sturgeon throughout the year, visitors can go angling heartily.
3)Sightseeing boat district: Water course prolong 3 kilometers of silk floss in the nine village week, zigzag, offer vessels such as wooden boat, electronic ship,etc. to visitor. Go boating on it, can scan five island scenes.
4)Adopt the clam district: Nine villages offer and quarry the pearl to visit the project in week, there is thousands of rivers clam in all in the lake, they have grown from 5 to 8, cut clam s shell open gently, stroke gently clam s meat with hands, every one is fat in vain, glittering pearl jump and appear, shine people more and more under sunshine.
5)Roasting area: The village offers the special to roast, produce various seasonal vegetables such as wild pork, pheasant, corn, sweet potato,etc. by oneself, support visitor field to roast by oneself, glut oneself with delicacies.