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Suzhou university travels Suzhou of China

Suzhou university travels Suzhou of China

Write: Errol [2011-05-23]

Suzhou university travels  Suzhou of China

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Street 8 No. before watching Tourist bus No. 5 can arrive at the railway station


The predecessor of Suzhou university, in order to establish the university of Wu to 1900. It is merged into the teachers college of southern Jiangsu that Wu s university and cultural institute of education of southern Jiangsu, the South university counted and paid attention to at the time of the restructuring of university and college of China of 1952, named in the teachers college of Jiangsu in the same year, run a school in the former location of institution of higher education of Wu.
Corrected it as Suzhou university with the approval of the State Council of China in 1982. Approved by Ministry of Education and Jiangsu Government, junior college of silkworm and mulberry of Suzhou, institute of silk of Suzhou, Suzhou medical college successively incorporated into Suzhou university in 1995, 1997, 2000. At present, Suzhou university has already developed and has had considerable scale by one, foundations are comparatively rich, the efficiency in school management is prominent, have local comprehensive university of certain popularity outside China.