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Travel in East Lake Wuhan of China

Travel in East Lake Wuhan of China

Write: Tiffany [2011-05-23]

Travel in East Lake  Wuhan of China


Listen to the scenic spot of great wave to try freely, rub 40 yuan of clear city of mountain, leave 10 yuan of wild goose s scenic spot, 10 yuan of forest protection zone of Maan Mountain city, the forest of bird s twitter costs 20 yuan. Cableway ( Shan / pair) : 15/25


East Lake scenic spot is located in the urban area of Wuhan, the airport, station, quay adjoin with the scenic spot, the traffic is convenient, 8 kilometers, close 12 kilometers of quays from the Changjiang River Wuhan from Wuchang railway station, from 30 kilometers Tianhe Airport in Wuhan. Bus No.

more than 10 leads to East Lake scenic spot in the city, among them go to the bus rubing the mountain scenic spot in the East Lake directly and have No. 515, 36, 402, 401, 413; Go to the bus listening to the scenic spot of great wave in the East Lake directly and is a trolley No. 8, 14, 102, 537, 578, 605, 701, 712, 411, 108; Furnished with characteristic means of transportation such as the cableway, storage battery car in the scenic spot.


East Lake park lies in the east of Wuchang district of Wuhan, area is 88 sq. km., surface of water is 33 sq. km. among them. The branching stream of the whole lake interlocks, winding on the lake bank, one set of lakes in the lake, it is dimly visible to rise and fall. Face the bank to overlook, with aboundless expanse of blue water, the aquatic bird hovers, the sightseeing boat hits the wave, the fishing boat ripples, like the picture scroll.
The scenery is different around the East Lake: Fly greenly in the jungle of east bank, green tree makes a pleasant shade; Chain of mountains is vomited beautifully on the south bank, the school building stands in great numbers; The fine landscape is concentrated, fight for the brightness in the garden in the west bank; The north bank reed reed includes greenly, it is in good order that fishing is given up. Winding, graceful on the East Lake lake bank to grow the appearance, his area is six times that of West Lake of Hangzhou. With aboundless expanse of blue water and green hill the intersection of East Lake and actual portrayal of scenic spot around beautiful view that mountains and rivers blend, the proletarian revolutionist Zhu De once wrote inscription while inspecting the East Lake in spring of 1954: Let the West Lake be good temporarily in the East Lake, will be better than West Lake in the future. . Divide into, listen to great wave, rub mountain, fall wild goose, white horse, Lopa Nationality big blowing the intersection of flute and six major scenic spot in the garden, there are fable gardens, music fountain, ham and sing while taking a stroll in pavilion, the floor of long day in the main beauty spot, nine women mound, lake-light pavilion, the water and sky are of one color, ride the waves etc. in the song dyke.
Can go by ship opposite to the lake rub the mountain Botanical Garden and play at each quay of lakeside. There are abundant plant resources in the East Lake, there is large stretch of metasequoia forest in the garden, and here one The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and winter plum of Chunlan, Xia He, autumn Also very famous.
There are a lot of famous beauty spots in East Lake scenic spot: The intersection of water and the intersection of cloud and township, listen to high great wave, ham and sing while taking a stroll pavilion, close to the intersection of lake and gallery, the intersection of Qu Yuan and memorial museum, long day floor, Lu Xun wide to taste the intersection of lake-light and pavilion, nine women mound, rub the intersection of mountain and stone-tablet pavilion Zhu, there are theatre, tangerine garden, bamboo plantation flower nursery, strive to be sweet-smelling to compete gaudily, really may be said it is interesting that the mountain holds every rich scene of the water looks.
The scenic spot where East Lake scenic spot is a lake type, there are beauty on lake mountain, the gathering of people who also have the historical relic. Divide into, listen to great wave, white horse, fall wild goose, it rubs mountains, Lopa Nationality to be big blowing the flute 6 tourist zones sequentially along lake, attract guest to go sightseeing with their own characteristics. The epigraph joyfully after no wonder Chairperson Zhu De views and admires: Let the West Lake be good temporarily in the East Lake, will be better than West Lake in the future.