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The celestial being in Taizhou occupies the scenic spot and travels Taizhou of China

The celestial being in Taizhou occupies the scenic spot and travels Taizhou of China

Write: Hollis [2011-05-23]
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The celestial being in Taizhou occupies the scenic spot and travels  Taizhou of China


45 yuan for each person


There are minibuses for the scenic spot directly in Xianju County station, ticket price is 6 yuan, drive is 40 minutes


The celestial being occupies the scenic spot, lie in water of a mountain one there, hole of a precipice one, a stone one peak can have one dose of one s own, one kind of his mountains, unusual, unexpected, unimaginably queer view shape. A word covers it: \\\ Strange \\\ . The peak is strange, the mountain is strange, the stone is strange, the precipice is also strange. Set out county town, winding to walk to west, traverse north large Leishan of border, or south pulse draws together Cangshan, continuous and constant, for instance, the great wave rises and falls. Only the south border of town of White Dagoba, the immortal occupies the towering towering independence of crowd mountain around, dangerously steep and incomparable, cut and split open like cutting the axe to pare with other mountain knives, different far apart, peculiar, towering and right and beautiful alone, the scenic spot is the national key scenic spot, the whole area is 187.8 sq. km., all includes occupying, scene star, 13 immortals, common broad-mouthed receptacle for holding liquid, five major scenic spots of henon bamboo, it is strange, dangerous, clear, deep and remote in an organic whole to collect, gather together the peak, waterfall, small stream, forest in a place.
The immortal occupies the scenic spot: Combine perilous peak, deep and secluded valley, beautiful forest, strange waterfall together, the whole area is 15.8 sq. km.. More than 60 beauty spots such as general rock, sleeping bueaty, flying Apsaras waterfall in the scenic spot. Appraised as the whole province in the assessment of scenic spot which the provincial tourism bureau of Zhejiang organized in 1997 Visitor s favorite beautiful scenery paradise The first, was appraised as five major scenery travel masterpiece scenic spots of Zhejiang Province in 1999, was confirmed as the Zhejiang Province writer and created the base in 2000, awarded by Zhejiang Province photographer s association in 2002 Photograph and create the base in Zhejiang Province . Visit waterfall at the scenic spot group and dragon s pool masses many, have continuous 11 cliffside waterfall and dark pool that comes in every shape in the 500 range alone, rare for China.
The drift of small stream of Yongan: The small stream of Yongan drifts about 7.68 kilometers of total journey of section, occupies the purpose-built bamboo raft of the local products as the tool with the celestial being. the small stream middle reach of small bamboo raft, two sides of towering green hill leave . Yongan small stream drift about, dispose the intersection of singer and guide, drift about, initiate for China, praised as media Liu Sanjie at the bamboo raft .
The ancient town of Po beach: The constant change through millennium, still keeps 1,500 meters of long cobblestone paving dragon on Po beach Type ancient street. Tang by the street, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, a large number of intact private residences left over during the period of the Republic of China were ancient occupied, and the imposing manner is grand, the overall arrangement is exquisite Three 9 halls completely ,Zhu Xi gives the river academy of general term for paulownia, phoenix tree and tung tree where the something small and hard goes to school. The cultural inside information of Po beach is deep, have obtained the gold medal of Chinese art exhibition, the fourth international fair gold medal and is praised as the first light of China Acupuncture have bone festive lantern. This light is given and selected the imperial palace as the palace lantern during the Tang Dynasty, it is awarded Chinese folk art (festive lantern) by Ministry of Culture in 2000 too since the celestial being resided Its township .
The celestial being occupies the virgin forest: Celestial being occupy the intersection of henon bamboo and Yu hole nature reserve. Yu hole evergreen the intersection of foliage forest and nature reserve have 333.333 of area now, forest coverage rate up to 94.5%s, have in all, link, in charge of plant 160 family, 649 belong to, 1440 in the district; Belong to wild varieties of trees that country lay special stress on protecting, have 7 among them, whom first grade protect southern ormosia shirts, the second one that protect has leaves come out Fei, fragrant fruit tree, Mao HongChun,etc.; The rare plant enters angle lotus, short calyx coptisrroot, thick Piao, stings leaf oak, green money willow, Phoebe nanmu of Zhejiang,etc.. There are 25 mesh of vertebrate, 64 families, 260 kinds in all, among them there are 4 kinds of animals which belongs to the first-grade state protection, 26 kinds of birds, 9 kinds of beasts protect for country second. The foliage forest draws together the best preserved evergreen foliage forest of dark green mountain system at present in the district, praised as the rare natural plant of Zhejiang Province by the expert The gene pool With the plant The museum .
The celestial being occupies eight scenes: More east by mountain range spring of dawn Clock) , le reds towering whether there are celestial beingse by the expert More east by mountain range spring of dawn Clock) It is a scene in the morning, the scene star looks at the moon as the night scene; The rough aunt snow is a scene in winter, the red Chinese sweet gum of dark green mountain range, scene star look at the moon as the autumnal scenery, the continuous heavy rain of stone dragon, water curtain waterfall belong to Xia Jing, east mountain range spring of dawn belong to the spring scenery. There is morning color in the morning, there are night scenes at night, in four seasons and eight solar terms, each show the graceful bearing. the celestial being occupies eight scenes It is the Creator that occupies the ingenious arrangement in the earth for the celestial being in fact.
The Spring Festival: Junior One of the first month of the lunar year of lunar calendar. Clapper strike three, loud big gun for days on end, commonly called as open big gun ,Declare that begins New Year. Breakfast of this day, every one eats more twice-cooked stir-frying and eats the tube of cake, still take meal every other year , longlife noodles When. On among will it be night the Lantern Festival, every household, still in candle on room and grave mound order, commonly called as With shine the mound of the tomb . It is people that stand for supporting the Qi s troops to search for Wo s bandit day here according to legend, and then along the custom. And roll earthworm, long board dragon, jumping horse-vaulting, pyramid, and folk art such as all kinds of folk song ditties.
Taizhou is the township of a main fruit in China too, the mandarin orange of Huangyan of famous fruit and China and foreign countries of Yuhuan pomelo are famous. Other local products are as follows, the celestial being occupies dense pear, celestial being and occupies the red bayberry, celestial being and occupies the Chinese chestnut, celestial being and occupies three yellow chicken, camellia oil, day lily, Caulis Bambusae in Taeniam.