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Sit in dragon s gorge and travel Western Hunan of China

Sit in dragon s gorge and travel Western Hunan of China

Write: Seirian [2011-05-23]

Sit in dragon   s gorge and travel  Western Hunan of China


Sit at the scenic spot of dragon s gorge and lie in the west town of river of Guzhang county, and lotus town The separating of water in the village of king. 5 kilometers from the violent hole river railway station, Line 1828 of provincial road can arrive directly. Sit the intersection of dragon and gorge, wind of nature blow, on western Hunan among the boundless and indistinct 100,000 hills and mountains latent ease by water erosion via 3 million year. It is about 3500 meters long, the greatest discrepancy in elevation is up to more than 300 meters; Fewer than more than one zhang in the wide place, only take a person abreast in the narrow place; The intersection of Yachi and the intersection of precipice and vertical pile, small stream waterfall horizontal and dangerous, the intersection of precipice and the intersection of tree and oblique ease, until different grass. Sitting in dragon s gorge has China s first special type to visit one. All visit line, build on the intersection of gorge and depths, fetch tendency near the mountain, by careful to chisel and carve but like nature itself. Simple the intersection of Chinese chestnut and wooden plank road, can let the intersection of you and zero distance on intimate terms green and deep and remote and hearing the mountain spring ding-dong pool that; Exquisite jumping the mound, can let you play and flow in spring, small stream waterfall of sense of touch; Stone bank one of the original quality, let you have to shift all physical and psychological energy to concentrate one s attention on and climb, realize the gorge; More scared than hurt the intersection of iron and ladder, let you accompany stream that thunder under the foot, savour one copy pleased in not amazing by horrified. Tujia stockaded village of the exit, has kept the simple and unsophisticated and unique life custom.
A cured meat and a sweet-smelling The maize is burnt Will let you wash all weariness, will tell you about the relaxed straightforward and good-natured host pleasant to the ear over the story that the strong man haunted The conditions and customs of Tujia of teasing the minds of people that the extremely fine and beautiful and dangerous natural landscape adds, explore, visit deep and remote and seekingly secretly and appreciating the scenery, sitting in dragon s gorge will meet the coming of each visitor with this multiple feeling.