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Travel in the historical block of cross street Yantai of China

Travel in the historical block of cross street Yantai of China

Write: Dysthe [2011-05-23]


The cross street of Longhua county is 820 meters long from south to north, with the whole area of 73600 square meters, take remains of Qing Dynasty as the core, it is Chengde area that keeps the comparatively intact historical block, having a long history and magnificent local culture. Cross street collect temporary dwelling place, Dong CunRui martyrs park, the intersection of emperor s aunt and the intersection of person who collect and cultural relics and historic sites, form the intersection of Longhua and historical the intersection of historic site and group of county together instead of around the intersection of soil and the intersection of city and site, the intersection of Polo and river.

It is with the ancient building, patrol culture, common people s social life, people s hand craft as the perfect combination of representatives non-material legacy for representatives material legacy and with the north of the emperor of the Qing Dynasty in the ancient block. The ancient building among them is the local-style dwelling houses and typical representative of local buildings of the North in Qing Dynasty, comparatively keep intactly.

And include temple, play building, local-style dwelling houses, retail shop, church, official goverment,etc. many types, among them a lot of building well preserved building arrangement, and building structure, especially building elements such as brick and tile carve, internal and external fitting up, spine decorations, decorative painting among them,etc.

possess very high artistic level and typical local characteristic.