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Travel in the high open academy Zhengzhou of China

Travel in the high open academy Zhengzhou of China

Write: Kirwin [2011-05-23]


Have already cancelled selling the ticket alone of 30 yuan, has only sold the coupon ticket (including Central Mountain temple, Yongtai temple, high open academy) of scenic spot ,Ticket price is 80 yuan


The terminuses of No. 2 and public transits of No. 6 are all in the academy, the ticket is 1 yuan.


The high open academy lies in Henan Province to step on a copy of southern foot of high mountain of Central Mountain of city, neighbour on and step on a urban area, it is one of the supreme institutions of higher learning in Song Dynasty China, four major academies (high open academy of Henan of China of Northern Song Dynasty, in conformity with the institute of book from heaven, white hillfoot hole book of Hunan Yuelu academy, Jiangxi The first, is world-famous for with Neo-Confucianism. High open academy build on will it be 8 years such as Tai Wo such as King Wen such as filial piety Northern Wei Dynasty 484 years) ,It is the pure place of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism s luxuriant growth of high mountain.
It is the high open temple originally, Sui changed into a high open view, changed into that presented Heavenly Palace with respect Tang, changed into second academy very much in week after five generations, Song Dynasty help scene volume of granting two year as The high open academy ,Become and propagate Confucianism, foster talents educational base, huge Confucianism Cheng Hao, Cheng Yi created two Neo-Confucianism here in Song Dynasty ,Si Maguang, Fan Zhongyan, Zhu Xi, Han Wei, Li Gang, Lu Hai,etc. have written books to give lectures here. The high open academy historic site and relic is various, culture is deposited generously, tree age of the cypress is old that Chinese seals the general, rare in the whole world, more than 20 meters high, breast-height diameter is 5.4 meters, tree age is more than 4500 years, seal from Western Han Dynasty yuan the first year of an era (the past 110 years) It has already to award one had a history of more than 2,000 years so far that Emperor Wu Di of the Han Dynasty Liu is thorough, botanist Ju calculates, this cypress is primitive cypress. Before high open Shu Yuanmen, there is a huge stone tablet - the the intersection of Datang and high open the intersection of view and the intersection of discipline and holy the intersection of Germany and to praise tablet reaction , commemorate high open Tai Sun, Taoist priest of view, wash, practise fetching elixir of life for Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty and Li Longji, cure the desease and build up body but set up, the characters on the tablet are featured by exquisite carving, hard and soft and appropriate, the Qiu strength of the imposing manner, famous the intersection of calligraphist and Xu Hao 8 of lishus, it is the extant oldest stone inscription in Henan Province, known as a pearl in the calligraphy treasure-house of the motherland. Sanctioned as the national Key Cultural Relic Unit under State Protection by the State Council of China in 2001.
In addition, in the academy, have, publish copies of the intersection of county and the intersection of stone engraving and map one Ming Dynasty, scribe more than 400 years ago stepping on copies of more thanth distribution situation, mountains and rivers and the intersection of road and village,etc. of scenic spots and historical sites in detail at the picture, it is a treasure in the picture of stone engraving county in Ming Dynasty of China.