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White horse hole Hubei Yichang of China

White horse hole Hubei Yichang of China

Write: Lindsay [2011-05-23]

The south ferry crossing located in the northwest of Yichang is closed, the mouth of the Xiling Gorge of Yangtse River Gorges. It faces the Changjiang River that surges forward, the left neighbor well-known Ge Zhou Ba key water control project, rest on in the beautiful lower firm small stream in right, and visit the hole and face each other through the small stream three times in the world-famous gorge mouth scenic spot.

Chuan Xiang, white horse because Tang Monk master and apprentice four people and pale Western Paradise of Longma learn from else s experience and pass by here in hole, white Longma has resided abroad or in a place away from one s hometown and gained the name in this cave. The much-told tale about white horse, have spread in regions of ancient safe imperial tomb for a long time.

Attractive scenery of scenic spot of white horse hole. Step into the scenic spot, build from 13 pieces of enormous white marble, it is 98 tons in weight, 6.68 meters high, long white horse s stone carving of 8.8 meters stands in the centre of memorial archway, like the horse guides the neck and whinnies, also like dragon s colt and turn one s head and lie.

Cross the memorial archway, leave along the path in the forest, reach the white horse s entrance to a cave. The entrance to a cave is with rippling surface, the cabinet flies to flow redly. Hole inner river zigzag, deep and serene to examine don t. The hole is more than 2100 meters long, with the whole area of 10000 square meters, there is white horse hides the track , celestial sound of jewelled palace , the water vase is shed and revealed , Goddess of Mercy makes its presence felt Wait for 11 scenic spots, 37 beauty spots, there are scenes in the scene, one set of holes in the hole, take the boat and enter the hole and seek the unusual, can be seen the light and reflect water, the gaily-painted pleasure-boat rides the waves, the heavy curtain, like ranging in fancy in dreams.

Boat competent 200 water try land best now, see cave with stalactites and stalagmites overlap again, interlock, extend, full of one chi of paths, there is a great huge hall of drawing room, the dome dissolves the stone changeably, in different poses and with different expressions; Foot lay view attack, trace back misted big to publish 9 days sometimes too plenty for the eye to take it all in, if sometimes face the sense of the underworld.

On the cliff of the first floor of main hole tails, a group of white enormous stalactite is stuck to the wall and hung, four hooves of its want to move, silver will be comprehensive and towering, just like a vivid white horse . The slabstone moves ahead to go for an outing in early spring, one stands by the road the jade column holds up it Stalactite, for days on end, play earthing is integral at the it.

Its entire body is pure white, for instance, the ice is like jade, the proud beautiful and fragrant flowers alone, it is another wonder in the white horse hole.