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Rock scenic spot of horse s bell Hubei Yichang of China

Rock scenic spot of horse s bell Hubei Yichang of China

Write: Irawaru [2011-05-23]

Horse bell rock scenic spot is at Yichang county peaks little,should Zi highway nearby,from Yichang 29 kilometers of cities, it is a large scenic spot nearest from Yichang urban area, with natural cataract and grotesque peak different stone.

The flowing water is murmuring, so clear that you can see to the bottom here, natural mineral spring, the rivers is constant. There are all sorts of flowers in spring, there is cool breeze in summer, there are maple leaves in autumn, there are hot springs in winter. If scenery draw throughout the year, in the flowering shrubs Wan, one hundred birds contend.

Silvery cliffside waterfall, come down from the Heaven, it is like the peak of the huge rock of horse s bell to fall directly, this is a special skill all over the world, afford a magnificent spectacle. There is Mr. and Mrs. Ma Wang in the rock, thunder fire horse s bell, day rivers and canals, bang in 14 natural beauty spots of playing with the cicada, chasing wind colt, cicada s pool, tears spring etc.

in the scenic spot.

A comprehensive service area of rock travel scenic spot of horse s bell: There are facilities such as one bar of conditions and customs guest room, Diao Jiao Lou, Greco-Roman Style teahouse, Palestinian people s flavor restaurant, modern Karaoka disc, natural swimming pool of national clan,etc. in ancient times in the district.

Palestine hangs the watchtower and listens to the faint spring sound, cherishes the eternal sincerity; The open-air view cliff cliffside waterfall of tea house, taste the thin fragrant tender tea leaves; The intersection of pavilion and platform hear chirping of birds of coughing, look into the distance the intersection of rural area and the intersection of mountain and color in the forest.

Make people completely relaxed and happy, so enchanted by the scenery as to forget to return.

Amusement project: By ship, cook in the open air, camp, drift about etc..