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Clear monarch s platform Hubei Yichang of China

Clear monarch s platform Hubei Yichang of China

Write: Trudy [2011-05-23]

In the clear monarch s hometown princess Taishan opposite. It is the place where the clear monarch collects the firewood and works in childhood according to legend. She yearned in the hometown in front of people s palace, mountaineering went back to look into the distance, because with princess platform Famous mountain.

After the clear monarch enters the palace, township people build the platform and look ,Still store the trace of the base so far. According to recording, erect the clear monarch s shrine here at the time of Chinese, Tang Jian has clear monarch s institutes, Song Li has clear monarch s hometown tablets, more bright by the 13th year of Yongle 1415 years) Has rebuilt the clear monarch s institute, the tenth year of Guangxu in Qing Dynasty (1884) In autumn, set up the clear monarch s hometown tablet here again, nowadays the tablet inscription is remained.

After the foundation of the state, rebuilt clear monarch s pavilion, clear monarch s workshop and clear monarch s hometown tablet, the architectural style was simple and unsophisticated and robust. Go up on the stage to look around, the chain of mountains overlaps, radiant, the citrus of full slope peaches and plums, gather around greenly and pile gold, the stream is transparent in front of the platform, like green Luo s ribbon, float with wind between nine gorges, the landscape is pretty and lucid and elegant.