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Drift scenic spot of small stream of Gu Long Hubei Yichang of China

Drift scenic spot of small stream of Gu Long Hubei Yichang of China

Write: Csepel [2011-05-23]

Lie in virgin the intersection of township and the intersection of house and slope Ding, county of Yichang, it is the intersection of Yangtse River Gorges and scenery that continue the intersection of legendary god of farming and the intersection of small stream and drift about, small the intersection of Sanxia and famous scenic spot that another exploration hunt for novelty drift about.

12 kilometers of whole journey of drifting about of small stream of Gu Long, nine beaches 18 are curved, beach many waves are urgent, the cave is deep and remote definitely, the current of spring floats dangerously, the scenery is pretty, ride the waves and chase waves, thrilling scene of the beach of piercing through the gorge and flying while drifting about, it is unforgettable to live forever.

In different poses and with different expressions in ancient Dragon Palace of natural cave with stalactites and stalagmites, the scenery is strange definitely, Chinese line s wooden Qiu s strength of the rare trees is dark green, the bridal sedan chair is fresh and extraordinary to send a party to escort the bride to the groom s home, pretty and charming Tujia A s sister, foolish and real mountain fastness man, rough bold and unconstrained dancing and losing dance, witness the wind color of Palestine s Chu Culture, let visitors acclaim as the acme of perfection.