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Natural tower Hubei Yichang of China

Natural tower Hubei Yichang of China

Write: Korra [2011-05-23]

On the north bank of the Changjiang River in the south of Yichang. According to legend for take the place of uncut jade Guo, establish the Jin Dynasty, the 57th year of Qianlong in Qing Dynasty (1792) Rebuilding. One pile of steps of bricks and stones, seven storeys of eight arrises, about 42 meters high, go out of the eaves ring upon ring, under it all have ornamental sets of brackets on top of the columns.

The tower flat is octagonal, eight major Buddha s warrior attendant of stone carving shoulder the tower, vivid. The west of door of tower of ground floor is to the great river, the stone volume carves natural tower Three words, the frame is adorned two dragons playing with a pearl and cloud line pattern; The principal column of a hall of the door is carved: The towering river of the jade column be, Jingmen 12 of towering town; Insulting Chinese table in gentle peak, the hero acts as Sichuan Province one 3,000.

Have 145 the intersection of stone and ladder wheel to carry in the tower. Climb the top of the tower, look down at Yichang harbour, a convoy of ships, stem touching stern meet, sail mast such as forest; To five Longshan of river, five peaks stand erect in succession, dark green, the form if five dragons zigzag and face the river.

While getting up for the first time in Chaoyang, the mere mountain shadow of the tower reflects the river surface, like a huge section steel whip, press above five dragons, therefore there is whip five dragons It claims.