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Tomb of Mao Ji Shandong Yantai of China

Tomb of Mao Ji Shandong Yantai of China

Write: Gannon [2011-05-23]

Mao Ji, for the native of Laizhou, the officer complemented a prime minister for the first time to cabinet s great scholar in the Ming Dynasty. According to recording, Mao Ji holds office at court honestly and uprightly for officer, quites achievements. Mao Ji leaves a lot of popular legends, the protagonist of sisters are apt to marry of Lu opera Mao Ji, through performing propagating after retiring on account of old age and returning to one s native place, widely known, known by everybody on the earth of Shandong.

Above the hillock which Mao Ji buried by a village of Western Hills in the west of the city in Laizhou after dying, the cemetery park was large-scale originally, still leaving the stone beast, stone horse so far, the emperor Yu holds a memorial ceremony for stone tablet,etc.. By folk to raise funds, go on, repair once 1994, like scale originally, the intersection of Laizhou and the intersection of city and important beauty spot one of too.

Go westwards 2 kilometers from the urban area and cross a village of Western Hills, namely reach Tomb of Mao Ji. Beauty spot this all can visit four seasons, best season spring, summer, autumn.