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Mong Ha Hill Municipal Park

Mong Ha Hill Municipal Park

Write: Saxon [2011-05-23]

The area surrounding Mong Hill remained inaccessible for many years. Although the wild character of the area has been preserved, new paths were open in order to provide access. The hill area can be reached through a ramp off Avenida Coronel Mesquita. The ramp, which is also used to access the 'Pousada de Mong Ha', leads to a central square which has a fountain and an artificial lake. Several paths begin at the square, offering choice to the park visitor.

An old ramp leads to the fortress on Mong Ha, which in the 19th century was an important defense position overlooking the China border. The fort had an ammunition store, an observatory and platforms mounted with Armstrong guns. Another choice is an exercise path which contours the hill and provides access to some old military structures. This path passes by an artificial lake and a grotto, a small area for children and the new Ecological Center, a learning center which attempts to raise interest in nature on the part of children and young adults.

Another point of interest is the greenhouse. It complements the Ecological Center. There, children are invited to explore the world of plants. They can plant seeds and observe the growing process of several plant specimens.