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Southern Song Official Kiln Museum

Southern Song Official Kiln Museum

Write: Caitlyn [2011-05-23]

Hangzhou Southern Song Guan Kiln Museum is located in the west foot of Turtle Hill of Yuhuang Mountain in Hangzhou. Built Southern Song Official Kiln Museumin the Southern Song architectural style, on the site of the Southern Song Imperial Kiln, the museum is China's only special one of its kind. Its products dignified in model and glittering and translucent glazed, which ranked first among those of the five noted kilns in the Song Dynasty.

The ground area of Southern Song Guan Kiln Museum is about 15,000 square meters, and building area is 4,364 square meters. With the continuing of the excavating and protecting work of Hangzhou s historical and cultural resources, the museum conducted a reconstruction work of its scale and exhibitions. After reconstruction, the museum fully displays the charm and specialties of Southern Song Guan Kiln, which not only represents the historical, artistic and aesthetic value of official kiln, but reflects the close relationship between Guan kiln and imperial culture of Southern Song Dynasty, as well as the social convention.

The Southern Song Guan Museum is endowed with graceful environment, elegant display, and affluent connotation. Since its founding, it well represents and spreads the Chinese culture of ceramic, knowledge about them and the historical countenance of Hangzhou as the ancient capital of Southern Song Dynasty. And also some kinds of equipments are available for visitors to make a porcelain base and mold souvenirs after kiln products. Additionally, the museum is awarded the titles of "Civilized museum in Zhejiang Province", and first batch of "Educational base of patriotism". Since 18 May of 2003, the museum is open to the public free of charge.