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Mount Xiqiao

Mount Xiqiao

Write: Miro [2011-05-23]
Mount Xiqiao

Mount Xiqiao is praised as the best of the four famous mountains in South China. It is very beautiful combines with a national scenic spot,

a national forest park and a provincial holiday resort.

The spot is located at Nanhai district that 27 kilometers to Foshan city and 45 kilometers west to Guangzhou city, covering an area of 14 square kilometers and about 4 km in diameter. It looks like a blooming lotus from above, which is regarded as a symbol of Buddhism.

Mount Xiqiao used to be a volcano that can be traced back about 40 million to 50 million years ago. Its eruptions gave birth to the present mountain with 72 peaks and 36 caves, 208 spring resources and 28 waterfalls. It is also named as Singing Girl for spring waters and waterfalls run everywhere in this area. Mount Xiqiao is famous not only for its beautiful but also for its value to science geology and archaeology.

There are exotic flowers, rare plants and lots of beautiful landscapes, among which Baiyun Cave is very eye-catching, serene, handsome and with steep cliffs around. Shiyan Cave seems mysterious. Wuye Well and square bamboo trees are pleasure giving. Those scenes can be grouped into up-hill sites and downhill sites, with Tianhu Lake and Baiyun Cave as the centerpieces of all.