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Golden Beach

Golden Beach

Write: Rothwell [2011-05-23]
Golden Beach

Golden Beach is known as Foshan's Hawaii, is one of the most popular tourist sites in Foshan. The beach boasts of natural beauty and entertainment. Located on the Jiangxin Island between the midstream and downstream of Nanhai district, it is close to Guangzhou and near the Foshan city, presenting a convenient traffic.

Foshan Golden Beach is an excellent tourist destination in summer, thousands upon thousands of visitors both home and abroad are attracted

to spend their joyfurlly hodidays each year. The island is very beautiful and surrounded by clear, clean and cool water, and with excellent wide and plane sand beach, all are available for tourists to have a wonderful time to enjoy the nature.

The charming spot with nearly 50 mu flourishing forests and bamboos. In addition, there are barbecue sites on the island, it provides the tourists a good condition to taste the delicious barbecued meat. And, various recreational facilities such as clean and exquisite Golden Coast Hotel, shooting gallery, sports car playground, songs and dances halls, etc, are available.

At night, there are hundreds of clolorful tents are spread all over the wide and plane lawn, where tourists can fully enjoy fragrant and refreshing night and the twinkling stars. Jinsha Beach is a paradise for you to experience the marvelous of the natural !