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Foshan Culture

Foshan Culture

Write: Borden [2011-05-23]

Foshan Paper-cut

Foshan paper-cut has a long history that can trace back to Song Dynasty,

but the prosperous time is in Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. From Ming Dynasty, in Foshan there appeared paper-cut profession, the products are very popular in Guangdong Provinces and Central and Southwest of China as well as in Southeast of Asian countries......know more

Ash Plastering

Ash Plastering is one of the architectural arts, also called Ash Sulpture, but generally called Wall Paiting. It is vey popular in Foshan, guangdong province, The mainly contents of the works are handwriting, landscape, figures, flowers, birds, animals, etc......know more

Cantonese Opera

The wonderful Guandong opera, striking paintings, touching music and unique architectures make the province formed a peculiar Guangdong culture. In which, Guangdong opera is divided into three local opera,

including Cantonese opera,Chao opera and Han opera. In Guangdong , there are some magnificent opera and dance drama theaters, which have the first-class actors......know more

Foshan Dragonboat Race Festival

According to the ancient documents, the earliest record of the dragon boat is in the Story of Mutianzi . About the origin of the dragon boat race festival, the most popular belief is that resulted from the activity of memorization of Qu Yuan who is a great patriotic poet, his political propositions were not accepted and later he was framed by some insidious officers, at last he sunk himself with hatred into Miluo River. So the Dragonboat Race Festival is held each year on the fifth day of the fifth month to remember Qu Yuan, and on this day chinese people have the habit to have Zongzi ( one special delicious Chinese food) ........know more

Foshan Lantern art

Colorful lantern, which is known as lantern art in tradition. The art is designed and made by Foshan Folk Art Research Institute is a main stream of Chinese traditional lantern arts. It has the characteristics of exquisite and fine workmanship of South China.......know more

Bruce Li

Bruce Li was a kungfu(martial arts) film star that famous both at home and abroad. He is Foshan native, originally named Li Jun Fan, was the son of Li Haiquan who is a famous clown of Guangdong opera. When he was still very young, he started to practise martial arts with his father, and then he formally acknowledge the famous wing chun style of kungfu......know more

Foshan Woodprint

Foshan woodprint also with a long history dating back to more than 500 years ago, started in Yongle Period of Ming Dyanasty. According to Cihai , Foshan Woodprint New Year Picture is one of the most popular new year pictures in China, and is a famous folkway woodprint in China's southern area......know more