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Shopping in Shenzhen

Shopping in Shenzhen

Write: Indra [2011-05-23]
Shopping in Shenzhen

Shenzhen was one of the first cities in China that open its door to the outside world, and influenced by its closeast city Hongkong, shenzhen has became a developing metropolis and considered to be a Shopping Paradise to chinese, as well as the international travellers. Many Hongkong residents cross the border on weekends for all-out shopping sprees and bargain hunting.

Shenzhen leads some of the consumption trends on the mainland China. The latest fashions and products from Guangzhou and Hongkong are readily available throughout the city. The electrical appliances, fashionable and reasonable clothing, watch, leather, jewelry and seafood are some of the best choices for you to buy in Shenzhen.

Shopping Streets

There are four main commercial districts within Shenzen city. Dongmen district is reputed as the No. one shopping center of Shenzhen, Dongmen features variety of streets filled with clothes, furniture and handicraft shops as well as the cities main malls. many famous brand products from clothes to cosmetics are available here. Furthermore, Dongmen street is lined with specialty stores, boutiques, and entertainment venues.

The district around the train station is particularly good for clothes, which boasts of good quality and the reasonable price. Women's World is also an ideal place for women's clothing. Furthermore, in Shenzhen, the clothes usually come directly from the factory, if you look well, you can have real beautiful ones at a discount price even at the general shops.

The area between the Shanghai Hotel and Seg Electronics Co. mainly sells electrical appliances which are particularly good for bargain. Another good shopping area is Boundary Street, where many fine quality products are also available.

Shenzhen Fruits

Peaches from Nanshan district of Shenzhen are said to be the best in China, which are particular sweet and with honey flavor. Furthermore, Nanshan lichi is also a popular local specialty.