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Hancheng, an old city of Shaanxi province, has a history of over 3,000 years. As dynasty after dynasty added their own mark to Hancheng, the relics of old temples and tombs abound throughout the city and surrounding countryside. Besides, as the hometown of the great cultural and historical celebrity - Sima Qian, Hancheng will delight travelers today. Hancheng was called " Mini Beijing " during the Qianlong reign of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), because numerous of courtyard dwelling in the city and the prosperous economy during that period, just like those in Beijing.

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Located in the notheast corner of Guangzhong Plain, by the west bank of the Yellow River in eastern Shannxi Province, Hancheng covers a total area of about 1621 square kilometers and has a population of about 360,000.

Hancheng was a significant place in ancient times. The states of Qin, Jin and Wei had vied for the control of it. It was also economically strategic. Merchants from all over the country came to trade. Wars and trade boosted the local economy and culture tremendously.

In addition , Hancheng is the hometown of the great cultural and historical celebrity - Sima Qian, a Western-Han historian and man of letters. In the early years of War States, Confucius's favorite student, Xia, came to give lessons, so at that time it was very popular to run schools and Hancheng people took study to be as important as cultivation. From then on, the city produced many scholars and court officers in succession.

Based on the points mention above, Hangcheng is endowed with its trait in ancient folk residence, special but reasonable city layout, and many valuable historical and cultural relics. It could be called a natural ancient architecture museum as it features many ancient buildings. There are more than 140 ancient architectural buildings from the Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, and 27 historical sites among which 20 of Yuan Dynasty (1271 --- 1368). The Siheyuan (courtyard dwellings ) of Ming and Qing dynasties can be easily found everywhere in the city. Among so many Siheyuan with their peculiar layouts and dense cultural meaning, Dang Village is a very highlight, which is known for its perfect location, peaceful and beautiful environment, compact arrangements and strong defense system. The Jincheng street area is also an interesting aspect of the Ancient Hancheng City with its simple but elegant design, well-preserved original appearance, orderly streets and lanes.

The national cultural relics protection units include Confucius Temple, Sima Qian Temple, Dang Village, etc., and other natural scenery such as the Dragon Gate (Longmen) Scene Area, are must-sees!

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Dang Village
Dang Village was known as "the small Hancheng", its courtyard dwellings (Siheyuan) are considered to be the most representative of the residential courtyards in Hancheng. The village is the largest, oldest and best preserved ancient stockade village ever excavated in Shaanxi.....know more

HanchengSima Qian Temple

Sima Qian Temple provides you an ideal place to enjoy the marvelous scenes of great rivers and mountains and some great historical sites of China.Originally built in the Yongjia 4th year of Western Jin (310), Sima Qian Temple is located on the escarpment of Hanyi Slope in Zhichuan County.....more

HanchengConfucius Temple

The Confucius temple was specially built for offering sacrifices to Confucius. The temple also serves as the Hancheng Museum, where thousands of cultural relics are stored. Confucius (551-479BC) was a great thinker, educator and political figure in ancient China....more