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Zhouzhi-Zhouzhi County Tour

Zhouzhi-Zhouzhi County Tour

Write: Augustine [2011-05-23]
Zhouzhi-Zhouzhi County Tour

Zhouzhi National Nature Reserve

Zhouzhi National Nature Reserve is home to many of China's rare animals, including giant pandas, crested ibis, golden monkeys, takins and pheasants, etc. It was established in 1987 and covers an area of 56,393 hectares. Situated in Zhouzhi County of Xian in the foothills of the Qingling Mountain Range, it borders Lao Xian Cheng Reserve to the west and Xiao Wang Jian Forest Farm to the east.

The reserve features luxuriant forest areas and fine vegetation, the forest cover rate is as high as 90%. The climate here is moist and rainy with a short summer and a long winter, The annual average temperature is about 7 C and the annual precipitation is between 600 and 1,100 mm.

Qinling Mountain is the dividing line of subtropical climate and temperate climate, and is the watershed between Southern and Northern China. Zhouzhi National Nature Reserve is located just within the Qinling Mountain area, one of the world s richest areas of biodiversity. It is estimated that more than 300 species of vertebrates inhabit in this area, including 29 species of wildlife protected by the Zhouzhi-Zhouzhi County Tourstate.

Giant Panda

zhouzhi also serves as one of China's four giant panda research bases. Undoubtedly, the lovely giant panda is the highlight of the reserve. About 1000 giant pandas exist at present. The giant panda enjoys the fame of "National Treasure", is the grade 1 animal under national protection. And it is one of the famous rare species of animal exclusively growing in China, which has been winning the favor of people with its plump body form, charmingly native motion as well as black and white fur color. Flocks of visitors from both home and come to the

Zhouzhi attractions

Zhouzhi-Zhouzhi County TourAnother well-known tourist attractions in Zhouzhi couty include Daqin Pagoda, Heihe Nationak Forest Park, Zhouzhi Golden Monkey Reserve, Bayun Tower, Fawang Tower of Youxian Temple, Zhouzhi County Nature reserve of Shaanxi, Cuifeng Mountain Forest Park. All reflect the Zhouzhi's unique charm.

Zhouzhi boasts of natural beauty and unique cultural relics, many of tourists visit Zhouzhi when tour in Xi'an.