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The Great Wall of Jinshan Ling travels Beijing of China

The Great Wall of Jinshan Ling travels Beijing of China

Write: Amaya [2011-05-23]

The Great Wall of Jinshan Ling travels  Beijing of China


30 yuan for each person


Take long-distance bus to Miyun in Dongzhimen, does not transfer the mini-bus which leave for Jinshan Ling tourist zone until after Miyun county town. Drive by oneself: Bear the highway (101 national roads) along road, Beijing of Beijing-Miyun ,Pass the intersection of Gubeikou and town, move ahead, reach promptly by 10 kilometers.


The Great Wall of Jinshan Ling is one of the most representative projects of the Great Wall. Lie in Hebei Luangge flat county and offshoot of Yanshan Mountain of the juncture area of Beijing Miyun county, namely place of 8 kilometers in township southeast China of Luangge flat county Barker assorted camp, the Great Wall gains the name because of building on all kinds of Kingsoft.

130 kilometers from Beijing, 91 kilometers from Chengde urban area. Its in the east is the fog Lingshan, poaches the tiger mountain range in the west, Nantong Kyoto, reaches it in the north on the dam, pass in and out and fill in the internal and external throat thoroughfares, it is the strategic point in history too.

The Great Wall of Jinshan Ling is from Wangjing floor in the east, to the dragon valley mouth in the west, total length is 10.5 kilometers. It is difficult to attack gentlely and easily to keep because of the terrain of present position, in addition it relatively builds late, the persons who build can fully use the experience that the Great Wall was built for reference in the past past dynastiesly, there are a lot of distinctive qualities in improving overall defence capability, make up the defence system that the floor faced each other of pass linking up, enemy, escorted in the heavy city, areas of fire crossed, the beacon called the police, there are a lot of military installations rare for Great Wall.

And it not merely defends rigorously, according to building on art, also have a special style. Only construction form the building, round floor, flat floor, corner floor with the proper method in the enemy broadcasting station; Window floor of arrow is divided into three hole floor, four hole floor, five hole floor too.

The Great Wall of Jinshan Ling bears the essence called Chinese Great Wall, characters brick, hinder the wall, block horse s wall, Chinese unicorn s screen wall Can be rated as the Great Wall four definitely, compared with Badaling well-known at home and abroad, goes even farther. November 15, 1992, Asia famous fleet-footed runner Blacky Ko drives success of the motorcycle to fly over, furthermore make it make a name home and abroad.

Have in fact already built the Great Wall and pass here when the north is neat early. Jinshan Ling the intersection of the Great Wall and affiliated the intersection of brick and crenel, peach mouth, SiMa build successively in the period of being big and military Ming Dynasty by Tai, the intersection of Wangjing and floor,etc.

spring. Zhu Di repairs this area and defends the project especially even more after moving the capital to Beijing. In Jiajing Year of Ming Dynasty, the cavalryman of our answering department breaks through Gubeikou, press on towards it under Beijing, change that age defends happens ,The bright government realizes this section of importance of the Great Wall, strengthen the construction of the Great Wall many times.

Ji, Premier of JiGuang, Qi, behind the affairs, build, strengthen the Shanhai Pass go to the intersection of Juyongguan Pass and the intersection of first line and overth the Great Wall again by Zhou, Changping, the intersection of Baoding and three town troop training, a segment in Jinshan Ling is under the jurisdiction of the road of Gubeikou promptly.

The topography of this area is dangerously steep, the visual field is widened, the peaks rising one upon another, rise and fall continuously. Because of locating in the periphery of capital of a country, has consumed more financial resources, manpower while building, based on the Great Wall built uses the strip shape stone, the top is built into a wall of blue brick, the height of city wall is 5- 8 meters, the bottom is 5 meters wide, set up the expected hole, embrasure and fort, lay the brick escape canal every two or three meters at the same time, prevent the wall from and carry and accumulate the rainwater.

The underpart sets up the certificate door inside the city wall, near enemy s building more, so that the soldier who perform garrison duty is from head to foot, repair the stone hole outside, used for attacking and attacking cities the enemy. It is a large characteristic of the Great Wall of Jinshan Ling that enemy s floor is intensive, generally builds enemy s one building on left and right sides of 100 meters here, very complicated place of topography, some enemy mutual interval of the floor is only 50 meters.

The typical representatives of the floor of enemies of the Great Wall of Jinshan Ling, are located in floor of storehouse on the mountain peak among brick crenel and sand mountain range one, inside and outside set up together three dishes of lines of defence is firm and unusual.