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Hot spring tour of Ying Da of Beijing Beijing of China

Hot spring tour of Ying Da of Beijing Beijing of China

Write: Uwan [2011-05-23]
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Hot spring tour of Ying Da of Beijing  Beijing of China


The agricultural ecology of Ying Da of Fushun of Beijing visits the garden to establish in May of 2003, registered capital is 18 million yuan, cover an area of 16.667 hectares Among them food and beverage, accommodation, amuse, take 2.667 hectares at the meeting) ,It is a member unit of branch of Xiaotangshan of travel association of Changping district of Beijing, this garden regards dealing in the food and beverage, goes sightseeing, plucks the main fact by oneself, the meeting service as; The green restaurant in environment protecting mode manages Guangdong Cuisine, Sichuan Cuisine mainly, let people really experience natural table delicacies. Collect folk culture, the amusement of food and beverage, get accommodation in the warm hot spring, art performances, go angling and raise planting, such functions as the large canopy is plucked visit the garden in the integrative folk custom ecology. Bath in the hot spring
Because Xiaotangshan area is well-known because of having abundant geothermal resources, create the good condition for development of the tourist resources. Xiaotangshan geothermol power hot spring has a long history, famous, culture historic sites are numerous, there are strange legends of a lot of fans. Test and analyze that shows according to the water quality that Ins of Geology,Academia Sinica carries on, per liter of hot spring water of total mineralization of many kinds of microelements is greater than 800 ml. Contain many kinds of microelements in hot spring watering has very high medical value. Recovering in the hospital by Xiaotangshan for many years, the clinical treatment has been proved, to that dermatosis, joint disease, cardiovascular vessel are ill,etc. chronic disease has special curative effect, have better auxiliary curative effect to athletic injury,etc. too. It is obvious hot water have improve the health, efficiency that skin care maintain the skin, promote longevity at the same time Room service
The simple and unsophisticated song refined old Beijing Chinese courtyard house type guest room, the meander cloister of the carved beams and painted rafter, the facilities of average hotel, consist of the luxurious suite, administrative suite, luxurious and mark one, mark one, the meeting room, room of chess and card etc. ordinarily, 260 guest rooms can accommodate more than 500 people at the same time, receive large, medium-sized, small meetings at the same time. There is profit of geothermol power in Xiaotangshan area, you can take a shower in the hot spring, enjoy the comfortable and quiet and beautiful, warm and quiet, bright accommodation of fitness of falling through in the guest room here. Ecological restaurant
Ultra large-scale ecological restaurant of 8,000 square meters, 35 private rooms distinct in style, can hold about 1500 people to have dinner at the same time, watch and plant green, award the beautiful scenery, look at the cliffside waterfall, the flowing water of play, the local conditions and customs contain the performance at noon every day, in the evening. In order to deal in the Guangdong dish, palace office vegetables, Chongqing cuisine, Northeastern dish, peasant family dish, peasant family vegetables restaurant, wild game s dish is a main fact, put out Ying Da s special the earthen jar chicken, iron shovel duck, the agricultural soup goose newly With big bowl of dishes of peasant family . Put out at the same time Hong Kong type beans drag for the hot pot With wild game s hot pot of delicacy from mountain .