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Qingdao university travels Qingdao of China

Qingdao university travels Qingdao of China

Write: Burdon [2011-05-23]

Qingdao university travels  Qingdao of China


Qingdao university is a new university with generous cultural inside information and strong times flavour, it is the university that Shandong focused the consruction on, it is the only university of Qingdao. The school lies in the beautiful seashore city Qingdao, located in the foot of Fushan, near the mountain and by the sea, with beautiful scenery, a good place to study and engage in scholarship.
New Qingdao university was amalgamated and set up by former Qingdao university, Shandong textile technical college, Qingdao medical college, junior college of normal school of Qingdao in May of 1993, it is the higher reform of the management system of education of China that amalgamates the universities and colleges in the first batch. There are 22 institutes now, 65 bachelor degrees, contain document, history, speaks to, worker, medicine, education, France, economy, 9 great discipline classes of management. There are 42 doctors, master s degree point, 24 provincial key discipline, key laboratories and project research centers. The full-time students, 26, 867 of universities and colleges, graduate student is more than 2, 900, foreign students are more than 570, continue educating more than 11, 000 students. More than 1, 400 full-time teachers, 1, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences among them, 2, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, engage 5 academicians, 281 professors, 868 associate professors outside. The school covers an area of more than 2, 560 mu, with a construction area of 860,000 square meters. The library collects more than 3 million volumes books, all kinds of periodicals are 4, 700 multi-type. Have more advanced teaching scientific research apparatus and campus network platform.
At the beginning of 2001, the school made <>,Strategic objective of proposing school development three runs on foot. By 2005, level and structure are more rational to run a school in the first step, quality and level of running a school are got and improved more greatly, the whole capability of running a school of the school occupies the forefront in the similar university of China; The second step builds school into the famous high-level university of China by 2015, form comprehensive, utility, opening, international characteristic of running a school; About by 2050 third step, build the school into a first-class university with larger influence outside China.