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The south peak mountain travels Taizhou of China

The south peak mountain travels Taizhou of China

Write: Cain [2011-05-23]

The south peak mountain travels  Taizhou of China


Lying in the celestial being occupies the south suburb of city of county town, 96 meters above the sea level is the excursion center in the suburbs. The mountain peak is spacious and bright, the ancient tower towers in Northern Song Dynasty. Face the small stream of Yongan below. The skiff orders and lights on the small stream in old times, mountain light of color of water, the weather is interesting and abundant, weigh the south peak angles one .
Ancient the intersection of fairy and shrine by the tower, for commemorate county magistrate to assist set up schools palace, all course grow while being old Song Dynasty And build. The south peach blossom hole of the shrine, the all right small stream mountain scenery of pitch. There are more than 10 hall, veranda, pavilion, pavilion built in successive dynasties of Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties on the mountain, remain in the site. The intersection of southeast and half Tashan Mountain its, one ZhouShan An, mountain peak have in the Ming Dynasty seven ancient Tamerlan. The good fortune is in conformity with the mountain 1 kilometers north of the south peak mountain, there is ancient tower in Song Dynasty on the mountain peak. 3 tower the east, the south of county town of tripartite equilibrium, enrich mountain city with the ancient. The good fortune is verdant and luxuriant in conformity with the trees on the mountain, the mountain plays the stream and flows long. There are great bells on the mountain in old times, chirps promptly daybreak, is up to several li, call east mountain range dawn clock .