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Ash Plastering

Ash Plastering

Write: Blaise [2011-05-23]
Ash Plastering


Ash Plastering is one of the architectural arts, also called Ash Sulpture, but generally called Wall Paiting. It is vey popular in Foshan, guangdong province, The mainly contents of the works are handwriting, landscape, figures, flowers, birds, animals, etc.

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The workmanship of the Ash Plastering is excellent. This kind of works include multi-layer stereo ash plastering, embossment type semi-up and down ashplastering and carving type individual shape single ash plastering etc.

The most difficlut thing in the work is the multi-layerash plastering.The side-open tiles and steel wires are used for body, structure and support, root ash or low root ash is used for individual figure shape, then embossment is made on the wall before the individual carved figure is fit on the wall.

The craft is marvelous and the theme is amazing. In which,semi-up and down craft is quite simple. The wall is fixed with steel nails, pasted with root ash to create half-down carving shape. Color painting is the last process of ash plastering, with bold lines and large color lump, which creates a striking effect.

In some parts of Guangdong province,such as Foshan,Shunde,Nahai and Panyu districts,the common people like to decorate the building with the Wall Paintings.For the general residential houses, paintings are put on the door heads, doorframes, frontispieces and eaves and tile ridges.

Apart from Foshan,Nanhai and Shunde's residential houses, ash plastering arts also used on the Buddhist temples and ancestor temples.They are decorated with fables, historical or opera stories, figures and animals, as well as the birds and animals, such as the Wulin , such as phoenix, peacock, pheasant, tigerand lion,etc.

There are lots of excellent ash plastering works in Foshan Zumiao Temple, Sanshui Lubao Zumiao Temple, Shunde Xishan Temple,etc. Such as Tang Ming Emperor Visiting Yue Palace , Taoyue Sworn Brothers , Guo Ziyi Congratulating Birthday , Nezha Making Trouble in Sea , Three Visits to Kui Village , Chang Ban Po , Three Heroes Fighting Lu Bu , Meeting At Broken Bridge , Two Dragons Playing Pearl and Eight Immortals, carps, birds, animals, flowers etc.

The wall painting arts and the folkway ash plastering express that people pursuit beauty , good luck and fortune.In foshan,it has formed a special folkway custom in the folkway architecture.