Huangqi Mountain

The Xiaocui Road extends to the gate of the Huangqi Mountain Park. The North Rongjiang River slowly flows by the foot of the Huangqi Mountain. Huangqi Mountain covers an area of 1,180 hectare. Its main peak is 293.1 meters above sea level. Owning to the scene of “Dusk in Huangqi”, it has been rated as one of eight scenes of Jieyang. There are nine temples and eighteen cliffs on the mountain. The Qishan Tower is located at the summit of the mountain. There're many places of interest in the mountain, such as, the Yuerong Tomb, the Lvyun Temple and the Woyun Cave. In addition, there are more than twenty cliffside inscriptions, rare old-aged pagoda tree, beautiful reservoir and good fruits produced from South Guangdong.  It’s a natural scenic area which is characterized by mountain, rock, forest, water and place of interest. It includes three main scenic areas and eight main scenic spots. Eight famous scenic spots are: Overlook on the Qishan Tower, Spring in the Cave, Spring Scenery of the Ancient Pavilion, Bell of the Lvyun Temple, Perching Phoenix in the Woyun Cave, Dusk in Zhugang, Morning Light in Shangjie, and All Birds Worshiping Phoenix. Climb up Hangqi Mountain and overlook the Rongjiang River. It looks like a colorized silk which embraces the mountain. When the sun sets in a blaze of glory and birds fly back to their nests, the scenery is very beautiful. It shows tourists a landscape of the southern part of China. Make them enjoy themselves so much as to forget to go home.

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