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Company was awarded top ten voluntary blood donation organizations

Company was awarded top ten voluntary blood donation organizations

Write: Iestin [2011-05-20]

Author: Zoomlion Source: Zoomlion 2008-04-28

12th June, in the Fourth Changsha Voluntary Blood Donation Award Convention held by Changsha Blood Center and Changsha Voluntary Blood Donation Prompting Commission office, Zoomlion was awarded Top Ten Voluntary Blood Donation Organizations . Yan Ping, from administration office of Changsha Construction Machinery Research Institute, was awarded Top Ten Individuals , and Yang Guoqing, from Zoomlion administration office, was awarded Advanced Organizer .

Company always has outstanding performance in the blood donation. Every year from Sept. to Oct., company will organize a blood donation action. With increasing of number of employee, the donors are also increasing, every year company s investment on blood donation is also increasing. In 2005, there are 279 people in Zoomlion Science Park and Lugu Industry Park made blood donation. In 2006, there are 379 people made blood donation. For voluntary blood donation, leaders of corporation paid lots of attention, supporting in every possible way. Also, through intranet, black board, internal newspaper, company made broad propagandizing, making employees to have further understanding on blood knowledge, blood disease preventive, and the meaning of voluntary blood donation.

Zoomlion s voluntary blood donation, is not only the dedication to medical business, but also an important content to civilization construction, is a behavior for harmonious society construction. Zoomlion was awarded Voluntary Blood Donation Advanced Organization for years, it presents the company s social responsibility.

Company was awarded top ten voluntary blood donation organizations

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