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ZOOMLION: Bright and Cheerful in M & T EXPO

ZOOMLION: Bright and Cheerful in M & T EXPO

Write: Joann [2011-05-20]

Author: Zoomlion Source: Zoomlion 2009-06-16

June 2-6, M & T EXPO grandly held in Brazil Immigrants and Exhibition Center of Sao Paulo. It is the largest and most professional in South America.
ZOOMLION sent 5 pieces of equipments for this exhibition: truck-mounted line pump ZLJ5120THB, trailer pump HBT80 14.174 RS and HBT40 10.60 RS; truck crane QY70V533 as well as all-terrain truck crane QAY180. Among which, trailer pump HBT40 10.60 RS is specifically designed for the Brazilian market, adapted to local needs of "flexible and suitable for complex construction". As a new generation, all-terrain truck crane QAY180, is popular by its broader driving vision, more convenient operation, better system, and its exquisite workmanship and improvement of human design.
In the first two days, customers from Brazil, the United States, Chile, Panama and other countries, have shown their great interests to purchase ZOOMLION products, and to establish a number of orders. After the exhibition, BMC in Brazil has signed orders of 6 trailer pumps HBT80 14.174 RS. And truck-mounted line pump with Brazilian domestic procurement of car chassis has become the highlight and been widely concerned in this expo. Some customers even like to order a specific model in ZOOMLION.
ZOOMLION: Bright and Cheerful in M & T EXPO
ZOOMLION equipments arouses lots of interests by customers and they obtain information in the booth one after another .
ZOOMLION: Bright and Cheerful in M & T EXPO

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