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Seminar in Vienna Helps Chinese Companies Invest in Austria

Seminar in Vienna Helps Chinese Companies Invest in Austria

Write: Lili [2011-05-20]

A joint seminar aimed at giving advice to Chinese enterprises on investing in Austria, the first of its kind, was held Tuesday at the Vienna city hall.

It was jointly organized by the Chinese embassy in Austria, the Vienna Business Agency, and the Austrian branch of the KPMG accounting firm. Some 40 representatives from both China and Austria attended the seminar.

Wilfried Gunka, head of the Austrian Business Agency (ABA), said the country's preferential policies would promote the development of Chinese enterprises in Austria.

Gunka said that ABA and other agencies would like to provide assistance to Chinese enterprises in case of need.

China's Ambassador to Austria, Shi Mingde, said that currently, China needs to not only develop its economy, but also improve people's livelihoods, protect the environment and achieve sustainable development.

To this end, China encourages its enterprises to go abroad, and the seminar would help Chinese enterprises better understand related regulations in Austria and help them find a foothold in the country, he said.

Rupert Bittmann, head of the Office of International Affairs of the Vienna Business Agency, said that Austria welcomed Chinese enterprises to seek development in Austria.

Here in Austria, Bittmann said, Chinese enterprises could find their own partners and business opportunities in nearly all fields of new and high technology, particularly in the fields of environmental protection, new energy, and the pharmaceutical, chemical and automobile industries.

Representatives from the Vienna Business Agency also gave a special report on the investment environment in Vienna.

During the seminar, federal government and Vienna municipal government officials gave an overview of Austria's investment regulations and their implementation, and of Austria's investment advantages and projects.