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"Trying My Best to Do A Good Job as Mayor of Lishui ----- An Interview with Wang Yongkang, the Newly Elected Mayor

"Trying My Best to Do A Good Job as Mayor of Lishui ----- An Interview with Wang Yongkang, the Newly Elected Mayor

Write: Cort [2011-05-20]

Wang Yongkang is being interviewed by the local Media.

In the warm and beautiful spring days of March, everything in the world thrives, brimming over with vigor and vitality.

At the 7th Plenary Session of the 2nd Lishui Municipal People's Congress closed yesterday, Wang Yongkang was elected Mayor of Lishui with an overwhelming majority of votes.

"I d like to express my heartfelt thanks to the representatives and people of all walks of life for their great trust. At the moment, I am keenly aware of the heavy yet lofty responsibility I have been entrusted. Nevertheless, I am imbued with confidence" said Wang Yongkang in a cordial tone when interviewed by local media of Lishui.

As a new arrival in Lishui, Wang Yongkang has been deeply impressed by the beautiful landscapes, clean air and the upsurge of the urban construction in the city. "At present, Lishui is in a critical period of accelerating its development so as to achieve a great leap forward, so the task we are faced is challenging but the opportunities for development are abundant. With the correct leadership of the provincial party committee and government, I am fully confident towards building a prosperous, harmonious, stable and peaceful Lishui characterized by a developed ecological civilization and a well-off society, two focal strategic objectives of the municipal government "he said.

The success in the election marks a brand-new start for the mayor. Taking over the commitment from his predecessor, he has already begun to ponder how to strive to lead Lishui into a more competitive track in a race of development. Wang Yongkang made a pledge frankly that he would spare no effort to become a good mayor marked by the following three merits.

A Mayor with A Practical Mind and Steadfast in His Work Wang Yongkang said, with the leadership of the municipal party committee, the municipal government would sturdily implement the 123 Well-off Society Project by focusing its attention and efforts on the strategic objectives and its practical execution and accelerate the development of the city, to the end of achieving three big leaps forward , that is, turning the city from a forerunner in the construction of ecological civilization into a model region of the country in this respect, developing it from a basic well-off city into an all-round well-off one, and increasing its GDP per capita from $4000 to $8000. I wish that each day could get extended since I would always like to achieve more within each single day through strenuous and efficient work .

A Mayor Always Staying Close to and Loving His People Wang Yongkang thinks that during the period when the 12th Five-Year Plan is implemented, the new government must give its first priority to the well-being of its people and take the benefit of the people as the ultimate aim and supreme criterion for its administration. He thinks that the new government should strive to push forward the Six Major Happiness Projects which include improving local education, uplifting medical care conditions geared towards all the residents, promoting cultural prosperity, facilitating social employment and residents income increase, extending the coverage of social security and creating a peaceful and stable city, so that Lishui people s quality of life will be upgraded in an all-round way and more residents can enjoy the benefits of the city s development.

A Mayor with Dedication and Always Remaining Honest and Upright Wang Yongkang promised that he would set a good example for the other leadership members and public servants of the municipal government alike by well disciplining himself and by constraining the behaviors and conducts of both his family members and the government employees around him; would be determined to be people-oriented and be a earnest learner, working hard for the people, seeking truth through frequent in-person inquires among grassroots and committing himself to facilitating administrative execution; would also strive to turn the government into a government by law and a service-oriented one, so that rapid social and economic development can be realized thought efficient and competent administration.

Towards the end of the interview, Wang Yongkang said affectionately as a new resident of Lishui city', I love the land. Beautiful Lishui with its green mountains and clear water is our common homeland, to speed up its development is our common task, and to construct a persperous, harmonious, stable and peaceful new Lishui is our common objective. I believe that with the sound leadership of the municipal party committee and with the supervision and support from the Municipal People's Congress and the Municipal Committee of CPPCC, the staff of the municipal government will go all out to submit a satisfying result to Lishui People.