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DUI expat serves community

DUI expat serves community

Write: Turiau [2011-05-20]

DUI expat serves community

A Briton who was punished for driving under the influence of alcohol was on duty as a volunteer to guide pedestrians Friday.

Kenny Lampkin, who obtained a Chinese driving license seven years ago, had 12 points deducted when he was caught on Christmas Eve for drink driving.

To redeem his points, he must participate in training, serve the community and pass written tests.

Lampkin went to the intersection of Lianhua Road and Xinzhou Road at 1:50 p.m. Friday for two hours of voluntary service. He also took his Chinese wife and his pet dog.

It is a good idea and it is a chance for us to give back the community for our driving offenses, said Lampkin, before changing into a vest for the voluntary work.

Lampkin was happy with the way traffic-rule offenders were treated because you can learn something from it.

Before going on duty, Lampkin underwent two days of training, watching videos and listening to lessons about Chinese traffic rules.

I will never drive under the influence of alcohol because it would pose a danger to motorists and pedestrians, he said.

Lampkin, who now lives in Buji, Longgang District, came to Shenzhen seven years ago and was an English teacher. He was caught when he drove to Buji Hospital on Christmas Eve.

A friend invited me for a drink of medicinal liquor that afternoon, but I had a stomachache, or possible stomach bleeding that evening. I jumped into the car and was driving to the hospital when police intercepted me for a test, said Lampkin, a driver of 17 years.

The U.K. legal limit for a driver is 80 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood, the same as in China.

For the offense of driving or attempting to drive over the prescribed alcohol limit, the driver s license will be suspended for a year, as well as a fine. If the test shows the blood-alcohol content is up to 120 mg, the suspension could be extended to 18 months and the maximum sentence will be six months in prison.

Drivers refusing to take a breath test or a blood test will be banned from driving for 18 months to 2 years.

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