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Evergrande Dominating the First Quarter & Ten Thousand New Products Bursting in the Golden Week

Evergrande Dominating the First Quarter & Ten Thousand New Products Bursting in the Golden Week

Write: Huey [2011-05-20]

As the situation of the policies on regulating real estate is becoming clearer and the traditional booming season of the property market arrives, the wait-and-see emotion of the consumers breaks away day by day, and the real estate market welcomes in the first sales booming season after the Spring Festival. Many brand land agents are also eager one after another to focus themselves on May 1st Golden Week that businessmen compete for. As a leading real estate enterprise in China, Evergrande (3333. HK), ushers in the opening good luck in 2010. In the first quarter, its sales area and amount of sales rank first and second respectively in the country. Following reports of success one after another, Evergrande keeps on playing its leading role in the property market of China, and bursts out in the market with as many as ten thousand sets of new houses and several hundred million interest concessions, coupled with over 20 core cities throughout the country, running ahead in May 1st Golden Week.

Evergrande has been characterized by its construction of substantial and competitive products of dwelling houses for the mass consumers in the property market of China. Transferring profits to the people with reasonable profits is the essence of marketing strategy of Evergrande. The ten thousand sets of new products during the May 1st offers a great transfer of profits as much as several hundred million Yuan.

The opening price is at a discount 85 percent owing to the promise of Evergrande: opening price must be an exceptional price; an exceptional price must increase in value. The rich and various transfers of profits such as Buying It Now for the ready-made houses and great preferences for group buy bring enough real benefits to the buyers.

Among the city's real estate series of Evergrande in Guangdong, the new products such as intermediate products, the tourism and vacation products for investment or house purchasing and large areas of mansions in the urban districts will appear on the scene as an emphasis during May 1st to treat the home buyers with courtesy and present a big gift to Guangzhou.

[Evergrande Royal Scenic Peninsula]

Leisure Sea Bay of Evergrande of the Second Scheduled Time Triggered Off Ahead of Schedule and the Sources of the Great Houses with a View of the Pearl River Being Hard to Get.

Leisure Sea Bay of Evergrande of the second scheduled time will be triggered off ahead of schedule and will ceremoniously open its price before the May 1st Golden Week with its quantity about 150 sets. The products serve as the House King unit of Leisure Sea Bay of Evergrande, covering 97-202m2 units of three rooms or four rooms, located in the double-core place of a business center and a landscape center as a central landscape block; They are closest to all the entries of the complete set of the program, including hotels, a Sports Center, a middle garden and so on. Taking Evergrande's consistent marketing idea opening price must be an exceptional price; an exceptional price must increase in value. The House King units pushed forward for the present time sell at least 13,800 Yuan/ m2 with 3000 Yuan luxurious decorations/ m2 given as a present. The opening price is exceptionally at a discount of 96 percent in particular. Due to the scarcity of large housing in the city center, the cost performance of the second scheduled time of Leisure Sea Bay of Evergrande is very high. The programs have been designed by Evergrande with meticulous care for three years and now share the seven-star-standard silver Evergrande Hotel of 26,000 square meters, an international all-around sports center of 22,000 square meters, a provincial first-level prestige school Evergrande School of the Attached Primary School of Huanan Normal University, Eton Bilingual Kindergarten and a supermarket of 2000 square meters for life and other living conditions just like a complete set of system in a aircraft carrier. The world-class royal garden has been thoroughly brought into service and its outdoor scene has become the most important bargaining counter. It ranks first among the programs of the same kind in Guangzhou.

Thoughtful Storing Villa King of Evergrande Royal Scenic Peninsula Honorably Appear on the Scene in May

Evergrande Royal Scenic Peninsula will bring out ten-million level first stand-alone villa blocks facing the Pearl River mainly with their area of 434-497 square meters in May. The villa's architectural details are imaginative, showing their pure royal descent of Europe and both their facades and interior styles looking splendid and extraordinary in tone.

They are equipped with the rare indoor private elevators showing the masters' dignity and luxury. The basements are a private club building of office with clubhouse as its theme, 3.2 meters high, sunlight shining into them, air drafting around; private movie theaters, Sauna room and so on are ready if needed, showing the masters' high grade and creating social circle of their own; The living room on the ground floor is as high as 10 meters with the design of case empty and each room has its big panoramic landing glass window which really provides an attractive view from the room.

Separate rooms for children are given on the second floor and there are also a luxurious inner room for each with the hope that prosperous family pass on generation after. Generation, keeping the noble heritage; all the rooms on the top floor are suite rooms or housemasters with perfect luxurious broad view balcony and an independent cloakroom.

The land for construction of villa is now strictly prohibited and so the villa downtown are scarce indeed. It's estimated that the high quality villa brought out for this time by Evergrande Royal Scenic Peninsula will be a major highlight.

[Evergrande Oasis]

Evergrande Oasis will bring out Horizontal Villas during May 1st holiday, which are more luxurious than villas and share the views of the river.

Recently, the officials of Ministry of Natural Resources declared that the 90/70 policies will be strictly implemented to ameliorate the relation between supply and demand, the land supply for low order and intermediate and small sets of houses will be increased continuously, the land for construction of large dwelling-size houses will be further kept down and the land for construction of villa will be strictly prohibited.

The insiders believe that the large dwelling-size houses cannot help but be rarer and more welcome if the policies are really implemented. Recently, the regulatory policies regarding the large dwelling-size houses have already stirred up the echoes of the market. Of these, Evergrande Oasis draws the focus of attention.

The best river view near subway entrance in the city center, super large dwelling-size houses, high quality garden and park, over-banking fine decorations will make the sales hotter.

Evergrande Oasis has recently been preparing at a high speed to bring out Horizontal Villas with its Extra High fixed position before or after May 1st holiday which are more luxurious and bigger houses with river views than villas. On the opening day people can enjoy an additional discount of 95 percent.

As for product characteristics, Horizontal Villa blocks are designed as huge flat level structure in air with their area of 265-290 m2 and perfect luxuriant design of three big rooms as high as 3.15 meters, which provides a more comfortable, luxurious and generous space. The living room is as wide as 7.6 meters equipped with a huge landscape balcony which is the best sightseeing stand over the gardens and parks and the Pearl River; the suite room as the main bedchamber is 60 m2 and is as wide as 6 meters, which brings about comfortable and independent living space; At the same time, the type of house of the said product sets up a bimodal suite room, worker's room, hanging garden and other function designs of villas, which makes numerous luxuriant inhabitation functions exhibit themselves harmoniously and perfectly in one big compartment and enjoys the views of the river and gardens, lakes and mountains which are opener and more magnificent than villas are.

It is learned that Evergrande Oasis can be described as a combination of the greatest achievements of Evergrande Real Estate Group Limited for a decade and is the sighting rod of the villa mansions which have been created at any cost by Evergrande Group. And the Horizontal Villa block is situated in the core community.

The said block has been created as a broad and bright, matchless and luxurious space enjoying its easiness if viewed from the layout of the landscape of the building orientation to the interior designs of the type of house. First of all, the said block is finely carving its world-class royal garden of 80,000 square meters with a glance of all the 12 plazas full of interest and charm and 12 thematic gardens and parks.

And the said block can enjoy a better far view of the best river scenery 10 Li long in addition to a direct view of the lake of the community and a near 360 appreciation of the landscape of the gardens and parks. To its west is the Xun Feng mountain. As it were, people here can take in everything at one glance over the mountains and the water.

The design for the block adheres to the design features of big space, large scale and spacious room. Based on this and a coordination of the above-mentioned gardens and parks, river banks, mountain colors and other beautiful scenes, the Horizontal Villa of Evergrande Oasis is created as a river scenery big residence which is more luxurious and three-dimensional than villas.

And another landscape block of Evergrande Oasis "Han River" will also be ceremoniously recommended during May 1st holiday. The said block is the true Riverview King product of the Overall Project. On its east is the Riverside Municipal Park of a million square meters large which is created by the Government as an emphasis.

It collects all the landscape advantages such as the landscape and river views of Evergrande Oasis and further enjoys the best 270 river scenery: views toward the east, the north and the south. The living room directly faces the folding water garden of 80,000 square meters and lake scenery to the south; A luxurious and comfortable housing environment is created with an view of the distance between houses as wide as 263 meters.

The interior designs of the product of "Han River" block fully embodies the sense of dimension for the big residence of river scenery in addition to the possession of the magnificent beautiful scene of the royal garden and 270 river scenery. It enjoys the design of 187-250 188-250 of three rooms or four rooms, north-south convective flow of air for each family, one storey for one family, luxurious space of the large dwelling-size house and the fine performance of ventilation and lighting.

It has 70 square meters of ultra-luxurious main bedchamber for the master, and its living room and dining-room are distinguished clearly by its dryness or moisture and so its layout is really excellent; the landscape balcony is 9 meters long which allows you to take in everything at one glance over the ten Li river scenery.

7.6-meter-high luxurious entrance lobby, the Otis elevator, and the unitization of the gorgeous common space all show the tone of the mansion.

[Landscape Town of Evergrande]

Opening Price of East Bank of Bo Brook of Evergrande with the Help of the Government's Policy on Eastern Development

With the approach of 2010 Asian Games the pace of the policy on Eastern Development of the Government has become more frequent. In the intense construction of the Guang He Highway, North Third Ring Highway, Guang Shan highroad and Provincial Highway 118, the circle of the urbanism between the east and Guangzhou urban district has taken shape, which will make unlimited the development potential of the building property in the east section of Guangzhou.

East Bank of Bo Brook of Evergrande which has been created at a high price by Evergrande Group, is located at the juncture of Guang Shan Highroad and Provincial Highway 118, and half-hour distance can ensure you to enjoy one third of the price of the urban district and its Extra High cost performance.

At the present time it has drawn the attention of a great number of the urban white-collars for house purchasing. It will usher in a climax for house purchasing during the May 1st holiday.

East Section of Guangzhou has naturally attracted the attention of the vast citizens with its ecological environment of native mountains and lakes as the chief factor and the current extra high cost performance of the property is also the powerful dynamical force for the investment in house purchasing by the citizen. Take East Bank of Bo Brook of Evergrande as an example, it has been the hot spot for attention all the way due to its low threshold of the first payment of house purchasing, coupled with its gorgeous decorations and residence-appropriate type of house.

In addition to a variety of municipal good advantages, East Bank of Bo Brook of Evergrande also has a large number of advantages of products. All the units can enjoy the green hill and smooth water. It is the genuine three dimensional House King for Views with its lakes, mountains and gardens. Each family has its indoor garden.

The main type of house is more than 80 square meters with two rooms with each set of at least 590,000 Yuan and 96-100 square meters with three rooms with each set of 620,000 Yuan. This price is rare in the whole property market of Guangzhou; what's more attractive to the home buyers is that East Bank of Bo Brook of Evergrande finely decorates full its houses with the international brand 9A: Otis Elevator, TOTO sanitary ware, Siemens and Panasonic switches, Moen and Kohler faucets, Op and other lamps, Jinkai Deng and other locks, Elegance Polo and Haier senior cabinets, Rinnai and Midea's kitchen appliances and cooker units, Marco Polo and Jiajun floor tiles and Nature and New Oasis boarded floors.

.. The project is expected to open its price during May 1st holiday, and first batch of about 300 sets of houses will be sold.

[Evergrande Splendor]

Evergrande Splendor Realizing Your Dream of Villa with 790,000 Yuan with Its High End Independent and Linked Products during May 1st

Recently the officials of Ministry of Natural Resources have clearly proposed: "The top priority is to improve the relation between supply and demand and increase the supply of land for intermediate and small dwelling-size houses at intermediate and low price. Strictly control the construction land for large dwelling-size houses, and strictly prohibit the supply of land to villas.

"Experts point out that once land for construction of large dwelling-size houses are strictly controlled and the land for construction of villa are strictly prohibited, then the prices of villas are sure to rise. As the big property market of villa with ten thousand sets of villas in Qingyuan, Evergrande Splendor is expected to increase in value in future.

It is reported that Evergrande Splendor brings out its most significant block of independent and linked villas in May 1st Golden Week. The block is in possession of the most native resources of landscape, is good to be close to lakes and to take a far view of the piling of rockeries. It is an utterly independent upgraded version of villa block and possesses highest product attributes compared with the former binary syllabification, repetitive setting and foreign style houses.

Privacy and dignity are self-evident with its 2 km private road directly connecting the independent type of villas and other regions; Approximately 50,000 square meters of the Central Ecological Lake becomes the standalone type of resources of mountains and lakes for the home owners to enjoy. 220-600 square meters of big private garden becomes the sighting rod of the product that the home owner enjoys the ecological environment privately which is the mark of the project.

During May 1st Evergrande Splendor will also bring out binary syllabification villas, repetitive setting villas and small high foreign style houses at a total of approximately 500 sets. Among them villas are those with case-empty living rooms between 185 and 266 square meters for sale at cost of 4,800 Yuan per square meter.

Foreign style houses are mainly 30-120 square meters with all complete types of flat from one room to three rooms, convective flow of air from north to south, extremely wide house distance, and its efficiency ratio as high as 89%. Bottom price for two rooms is 290,000 Yuan, 380000 Yuan for three rooms and the 1500 Yuan/ of luxurious decoration is given as a present.

The programming area for construction by Evergrande Splendor is over ten thousand and the unitizations of the aircraft carrier of international class occupies approximately 10 thousand square meters. It enjoys a platinum five-star hotel, a conference center, a food center, a sports center, a health center, an entertainment center, a business center VIP House and other carrier-class unitizations.

It is a super-sized international tourism vacation estate project with a collection of hotel, conference, sports, recreation, dining, entertainment and business. It will induce ten large scale businesses, admit 100,000 people, bring along the growth of the economy of tourism around and become a hot spot for investment in the Pearl River delta when it is built up.