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The First Field-Welded RPV CFHI Made for Exportation Passed Hydrotest

The First Field-Welded RPV CFHI Made for Exportation Passed Hydrotest

Write: Sundeep [2011-05-20]

CFHI contracted with Arak Refinery of Iran National Oil Engineering & Construction Company on the manufacture of 5 heavy oil deacidification reactors. In November 25th, 2009, the first of these five reactors, R-1424, has been successfully hydrotested once a time on field. This is CFHI s first experience of field-welded giant vessel in a foreign country. It indicates that CFHI has made a great step in executing its international marketing strategy.

Arak Refiney is one of the nine modern refinery factories affiliated to Iran National Oil E & C Company. CFHI contracted later with Esfahan Refinery Factory for another 10 RPVs.

The first batch of delivery left the Dalian Port at January 13 th and arrived at the Abas Port at March 5th. The distance of transportation from the Abas Port to the field is about 1700 km, most of which is uneven mountain road, especially around the area of Haji. In order to avoid any transporting fault and confirm the type of shells needed, field personnel have driven more than 2000 km back and forth to identify an optimum route. The transportation of RPV parts has always been a difficult job due to large weight, width and height of these parts. Furthermore, the controversy between the transportation company and the customer in selecting the route also led to slowdown of transportation.

The first batch for assembly welding arrived at site on later May. And on May 25th the welding of the seam R-1424B7 was struck, which is the first CFHI has ever done at plateau area abroad. The inspection parties BV, GL and SEI witnessed the assembly welding by the welders from CFHI. The first welding and its related job were finished in sixteen days.

Oversea transportation is the bottleneck for the on-schedule execution of the contract. The bottom section of R07301708 was kept for more that three months before its arrival on site in September 30th. The field personnel forsook their legal holiday and started the second assembly welding immediately. The hydrotest on the second welding was again successfully done and witnessed and approved by the customer and the third party supervisor. The field staff won great respect and honor for CFHI by their industrious efforts and helped in promoting the company s brand image.