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Sea of reed catkins at Yellow River

Sea of reed catkins at Yellow River

Write: Kauri [2011-05-20]

Tourists from home and abroad flocked to the Yellow River estuary recently, attracted by the reed catkins there that stretch over 100,000 mu (66.7 million square meters) like sea of flowers or boundless land of snow.

Tourists came to reserve rooms at hotels or erect tents by the Feiyan Beach in Lijin County of east China s Shandong province. The Feiyan Beach is said to be the primitive place to view reed catkins. Here there are vast areas of reeds, shrubbery and swamps. The beach near the sea has become an ideal place for migrant birds to settle during wintertime where about 130 kinds of birds fly here from East Asia inland areas or the Pacific Rim. The boundless area of reed catkins looks just like snowflakes flying in the air.

In 2005, the Yellow River estuary was listed as second of the top ten charming destinations in Shandong province. It is expected that 500,000 tourists will come to visit the site this year and tourist revenue will reach 180 million yuan this year.

Source: Chinanews Editor: huangfeng