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Lexxe Launches Beta Version of Search Engine

Lexxe Launches Beta Version of Search Engine

Write: Jobey [2011-09-28]

Lexxe Launches Beta Version of Search Engine

Lexxe's search engine webpage [Photo: CRIENGLISH.com]

Lexxe, a Sydney-based technology company, launched the Beta version of its Internet search engine on Tuesday, September 27, 2011. The search engine is special in that it uses natural language processing for queries, unlike its competitors.

With the launch of its Beta version, Lexxe becomes the first search engine in the world to enable the search for the target information via a concept, and the so-called semantic searches can be made with questions as well as keywords and phrases. This Semantic Key search technology could be applied to both word and number related information, as well as other more abstract types of information.

Lexxe Pty Ltd was founded in 2005 by Dr. Hong Liang Qiao, an Australian technology expert of Chinese descent. The company released the Alpha version of Lexxe the same year.

The implementation of the very first 500 Semantic Key search technology is the beginning of Lexxe's pursuit of the next generation search powered by advanced Natural Language technology. More Semantic Keys will be created at Lexxe to suit users' needs and they will be fine tuned to make searches more accurate.

The official website of Lexxe search engine is www.lexxe.com.