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BHP announces annual production records

BHP announces annual production records

Write: Lavender [2011-07-21]

BHP announces annual production records

BHP Billton, the global mining giant, announces Wednesday record annual production.

BHP Billiton has achieved annual production records across four commodities, including an 11th consecutive record in iron ore output, the global miner announced on Wednesday.

For the year ended June 30, 2011, the annual production of iron ore was 134.406 million tones (MT), up eight percent from the previous year, BHP said.

The company added that Western Australian iron ore shipments rose to a record annualized rate of 155 million tones a year in the June 2011 quarter.

Production of petroleum products came in at 159.38 million barrels of oil equivalent, up one percent over the prior year, and annual copper production, at 1.1394 MT, was up six percent.

Energy coal was 69.5 MT, up five percent, while metallurgical coal production fell in the year by 13 percent, at 32.678 MT.