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Travel in Dashilan Beijing of China

Travel in Dashilan Beijing of China

Write: Vishnu [2011-05-23]
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Travel in Dashilan  Beijing of China


Take 20, 59, 110, 120, 742, 803, 819, 826, Dashilan station of No. 859 to get off; Or Subway Line No. 2 Qianmen station gets off.


Dashilan is oldest, most famous and and peculiar old downtown streets and flourishing commercial downtown of Beijing, until whether quintessence of capital of a country lie in this to the limit, lively and flourishing, no more than this also people in the past Good reputation about praise Dashilan.

Within the range of 1.26 sq. km., are keeping a large number of genuine old buildings. These old buildings and happening in the middle of them The Stories of old Beijing ,All important cultural and educational rarities and culture resources of Beijing in ancient capital. Dashilan Does not call this at first, but call four rooms of corridor, there are top news of corridor room, two, three pieces nearby.

The target is in picture of Beijing City in Ming Dynasty Four corridor rooms ,And while reaching total graph of Qianlong capital , the name marked above has been made into Dashilan . Dashilan is in the location of old centre of Beijing, lie to the south of the Tian anmen Square, in the west of Qianmen Street, 275 meters long from the the east end to the the west end, it is an important component of the south central axis, it was a flourishing shopping center in history.

Dashilan has already had a history of 580 years. The origin of this street, should trace back to the first year of Xiaozong Hongzhi of Ming Dynasty. At that time, there were curfews in Beijing ,In order to prevent the robber from hiding within the streets and lanes, are sanctioned by the imperial court, in tunnel one of a lot of streets of Beijing, have set up the wooden bar.

Record in example of the allusion quatation of making by imperial order making according to Qing Dynasty, 440 bars of other city sanctioned in the seventh year of Yongzheng, 1919 bars of inner city sanctioned in the 18th year of Qianlong, 196 fences in imperial city. Dashilan was four rooms of corridor, because the bar of this hutong was made outstandingly, keep it for a long time, and the size becomes the focus of capital a little and gradually more largely, so, Dashilan becomes the name of this hutong.

Dashilan block keep will it be clear the beginning end of Ming Dynasty so far Three verticals and nine horizontals Pattern, three longitudinal Mean street, jewel market street and grain shop street of coal city; nine horizontals Mean nine east-west hutongs of Dashilan. Now, in this street, 36 shops which are distributed 11 trades, passenger flow volume reaches more than 200,000 people on festivals or holidays.

China mentions Beijing Qianmen Dashilan is really well-known, even if is very famous in the world, say to be well-known. In history, although rise and fall, the reason why this old business street can stand the historical trials and hardship of more than 580 years but unbeaten, own its unique place.

A jingle lets to see the overline bridge on things and do shopping to Dashilan in old Beijing . the top of the head Ma Juyuan, the foot is united and risen while stepping on, it is the eight auspicious to wear, the waist twines four major permanently ,The ones that say are all positions and flourishing scenes in Dashilan among early years.