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The central broadcasting television tower travels Beijing of China

The central broadcasting television tower travels Beijing of China

Write: Yovela [2011-05-23]

The central broadcasting television tower travels  Beijing of China

Open hour

Step on the tower to visit in business hours: 8: 30- -22: 00
Stop selling the time of ticket: 21: 30


50 yuan, the ticket is 68 yuan in the garden, under 1.4 children, the old man enjoys the favourable ticket of 25 yuan over 60
Fasten the self-service lunch ticket price of drawing room: 168 (present, step on tower visit worth 50 yuan in the whole journey and the sea floor world is worth 75 yuan)
Business hours( Noon) : 11: 00- -14: 00 (stop selling the time of ticket 13: 30)
Fasten the dinner buffet ticket price of drawing room: (present and step on the tower and visit in the whole journey worth 50 yuan at 298 yuan)
Business hours( It is late) : 17: 00- -22: 00 (stop selling the time of ticket 21: 00)
Honourable private room: Only set up a place. Standard: / person 600 yuan / person 800 yuan for each person can hold 12 people at most at 400 yuan
( 1) Guests avoid the meal charge according to the effective certificate on the same day birthday. (The guests celebrating birthday need to buy and publish the tour ticket of the tower, pay the water rate of wine separately, need to have an adult s company to consume at least, lunch and dinner are effective.
( 2) 1.2 meters of children avoid the meal charge (need to have an adult s company to consume at least) as follows ,1.2- 1.4 meters of children enjoy the favour of half price.
( 3) The guests reaching fastening and having dinner in the drawing room on birthday the same day, can enjoy purpose-built birthday cake or one longlife noodles of drawing room free.
( 4) Guests can exchange the certificate freely for 3 hours to park with the meal coupon according to the same day, can enjoy 3 at the parking area on the same day to have a dinner


Public transport: 323, Special 8 624 809 811 40 64, transport open 102, transport open 103, transport open 201, transport put through 108, 374, 394, 944, 836, the south of 631 spaceflight bridges or taking the subway Gongzhufen to get off in the north and walk on a lake.


The central broadcasting television tower is located in the west of Haidian District Xisanhuan Middle Road of Beijing, near the spaceflight bridge, in the west of Yuyuantan Park.
Central broadcasting television tower take up an area of 15.4, tower 405 meter high, the intersection of China and the intersection of Three Tenors and Tamerlan, it is the high tower association member s tower of the world, China broadcast and television association high tower committee member s tower. The central broadcasting television tower was established in January of 1987, built up in September of 1994, opened formally on October 1. Border on beautiful Yuyuan Pond and famous fishing platform in the east, is next to Gongzhufen in the south, look down from a height abundantly and become the way in the north, takes up an area of 15.4 hectares, the central broadcasting television tower is 386.5 meters high, add 405 meters of the total height of the lightning rod, gross weight is 50,000 tons. This is a multi-functional and modernized landmark building, can launch 8 sets of TVs and 10 sets of radio.
Central square by the landing stage of television tower, retreating in the platform and surrounding the corridor, base of the tower, tower flat, body of the tower, tower building and mast to make up. The tower is fancy, the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest type formal tower flat of layers of eaves; Rise to 210 place from ground, tube the intersection of foot-path and radius choose 10 meters outwards, form a palace lantern -shaped tower building. Such a high tower generally adopts the steel construction abroad, consume the steel products surprising in number. In order to improve the whole stability and ruggedized of the tower, what the central television tower is adopted is that concrete pour the law wholly, can reach the requirement for resisting nine magnitude of earthquake.
There are 242 meters of high ones on the tower building Flow in the cloud drawing room ,Can hold luxurious celebration; Watch from a distance in the platform in height of 238 meters in the open, look around the style and features of capital, have a panoramic view of the beautiful sceneries of mountains and rivers; The drawing room flow in the cloud tea garden to appreciate the scenery in the splendid room 225 meters high, you can taste the well-known tea and get a bird s-eye view of the new change of the capital; Lie in 221 the intersection of capital and most high revolving restaurant, sit 80 minutes such as conduct, taste the delicious food, view and admire the stereoscopic panorama of capital, happy and harmonious. There is a high tower photo exhibition of countries all over the world in the ring corridor located on the second floor of 6 meters of tower flat. There is the largest indoor colored granite stone carving mountains and rivers cloud tree of China in the east hall on the first floor. The night scene light of the central tower is serious and refined, impressive, warm and lucid and lively, have added a more gorgeous scene for Beijing.
Fully consider the special geographical environment of Capital,Beijing, try hard to display attribute and Beijing characteristic of China of the tower in design of the tower. The night scene illumination of the central broadcasting television tower is a special skill too, have been appraised as the night scene of the capital and lighted the working first prize. In the evening, look up in the central television tower, hang in the sky a large lantern.