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798 artistic districts travel Beijing of China

798 artistic districts travel Beijing of China

Write: Mahdi [2011-05-23]

798 artistic districts travel  Beijing of China

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798 lies in the road No. 4 of celestial bridge to Chaoyang District of Beijing wine, though is a little remote, the traffic is convenient. Taking the bus has 401, 402, 403,418, 420, 405, 909, 955, 991, 988, 445,etc.. Walk 4th Ring Road by car, the intersection of wine and celestial the intersection of bridge and way at large the intersection of rockery and roundabout, then enter 798 from the intersection of wine and celestial the intersection of bridge and the intersection of road and 2 No.

entry or the intersection of wine and celestial the intersection of bridge and the intersection of Luis and entry 4, can look for a safe place to park in the factory. Be careful, the taxi does not allow entering the factory, the factory is lighted dimly after it is dark.


The mottled red brick and tile wall, the in picturesque disorder industrial factory building, criss-cross pipeline, the wall is still keeping slogans for each eras. The road is had worker and visitor who dress up the advance guard of the fashion in uniform contrast finely with, agree with history, reality, industry and art until here is perfect in together, here is 798 artistic districts in Beijing. Since 2001, the artist coming from outside perimeter and Beijing of Beijing begins to gather 798 factories, they have found here to the unique advantage engaged in the work of art with artist s unique eyes. They utilize original style of factory building fully German Ballhaus architectural style) ,Fit up and decorate, become and show and create the space as characteristic art slightly. 798 of now has already caused the extensive concern of the media and Volkswagen outside China, and already become the new land mark of culture of Beijing city. Have gathered the gallery, design office, art and shown numerous culture and arts elements such as space, artist s operating room, fashion shop, food, beverage and bar here. The cultural organization of all kinds of documents of entering gallery, artist s personal operating room and cartoon, movie & TV media of 798 artistic districts in Beijing, publishing etc. has been already up to more than 400.
798, besides pointing figures, generally mean 798 artistic districts in Beijing, or artistic district of large rockery, artistic districts of 798 factories of large rockery,etc., the name of the artistic district is continued to use by the name of the state-run old factory of electronics industry of Beijing. Meanwhile, 798 designate a kind of cultural concept that this artistic district evolves with, and inhabitancy and working way of LOFT, this kind of fashion, too. Brief introduction of 798 artistic districts: In the northeast corner of Beijing, there are artistic districts where the factory built up in the fifties names in more than one centuries, this is 798 artistic districts. It lies in the street large rockery area of celestial bridge of Chaoyang District of Beijing wine, is so also called the artistic district (English is abbreviated as DAD-Dashanzi Art District) of large rockery ,Old factory site where it is original originally electronics industry such as 798 state-run factories. This area charters the railway, starts from the celestial bridge North Road of wine in the north to Beijing in the east from the way of celestial bridge of wine in the west, reach in the south sets of way, more than 600,000 of area.
Call 798 artistic the factory of district at present, 706, 707, 718, 751, 797, 798,etc. 6 circumscription of factory under former Ministry of the Electronics Industry. From the end of the fifties to 1964, this area was once named 718 union factories ,The full name is Radio apparatus of state-run Beijing North China unites the factory . On it is to unite factory for subsidiary factory since 6 piece factory said is. In 1964, these 6 factories began to manage independently, was united one factory to change into 6 factories, until 2001. In 2001, the financing of 5 factories and China besides 751 factories had the company (control interest) Jointly make up the electric group of China of seven stars with 751 factories, manage this area in unison.
Since 2001, the artist coming from outside perimeter and Beijing of Beijing begins to gather 798 factories, they have found here to the unique advantage engaged in the work of art with artist s unique eyes. They utilize original style of factory building fully German Ballhaus architectural style) ,Fit up and decorate, become and show and create the space as characteristic art slightly. 798 of now has already caused the extensive concern of the media and Volkswagen outside China, and already become the new land mark of culture of Beijing city.
798 artistic districts are 798 cultural concepts of representatives
After artist and cultural organization garrison in, rent and transform the idle factory building becoming scale, develop into gallery, artistic centre, artist s operating room, design company, food, beverage and bar,etc. of different spaces to get together gradually, forming has internationalized color SOHO type art is gathered and fallen With LOFT life style ,Have aroused the attention from suitable intensity. Via the organic integration of contemporary art, building space, cultural industry and historical gentle pulse and urban living environment, 798 has already been turned into a cultural concept, has produced strong attractiveness to all kinds of professional personages and ordinary masses, and produced big influence on urban culture and idea of the living space.
The architectural style taking 798 factories as factory of the main fact is terse and sincere, stress the function. Enormous cast-in-place frameworks and bright skylights are that the other buildings are rare. It was at the beginning of the fifties that they is helped build by the Soviet Union, takes charge of designing the priority industry built to carry the eye in GDR, have gone through countless experiencing many changes in these decades. Accompanied by the transition of reform and opening-up, culture localization of Beijing city and people s life style, arrival of globalized tide, such an enterprises such as 798 factories,etc. are facing the task of defining and developing again again too. Urbanize the expansion of process and urban area with Beijing, the large rockery area that belonged to the outskirts originally has already become a urban part, original industry moves outside, more suitable urban localization and the new industries of development trend, pollution-free, low energy consumption, high-tech content must rise on the former address. The entering of large quantities of artists persons in cultural circles is exactly the reflection of this historical trend.
In this batch of persons who enters, including cultural trades such as designing, publishing, show, performance, artist s operating room,etc., also include service trades such as the home furnishing of masterpieces, fashion, bar, food and beverage,etc.. On the premise of leaving over to original history and culture and protecting, they have redefined the original industrial factory building, design and transformation, that brought is to the creative understanding of building and life style. These idle factory buildings become the new building works itself after their transformation, develop normal form in historical gentle pulse, launch the vivid dialogue with old architecture of the factory during being practical with aesthetic.
Product that and life style of this batch of persons who enters is economic reform, they have shown between personal idea and social economic structure the new relation is in Utopia and reality, between memory and the future. 798 is that the young culture of new period is turned to ripe carriers through the accumulation. The culture formed herein will be the internationalization of local resources, it is the personal and ideal socialization. 798 new means pioneer s consciousness and traditional ambience coexist, experiment color and community responsibility are regarded as equally important, spirit pursues and prepares win-win, the interdynamic between elite and the masses with economy. This phenomenon appearing in 798, involve extensive aspects such as going to city to develop, production and consumption mode,etc..
Historical evolution of 798 artistic districts
[Set-up of 718 union factories ] speaks of history of 798 artistic districts in Beijing, must begin at talking about the fact that the industrialization of new China begin, the place that 798 artistic districts in Beijing locate, it is new China the First Five-Year Plan Construction during this time Radio of Beijing North China unites the apparatus factory ,Namely 718 union factories. 718 jointly factories are sanctioned in person by Premier Chou En-lai, minister Wang Zheng commands and prepares to establish, the former Soviet Union, G.D.R. help and set up.
In 1952, united the factory to prepare to establish in the wine area of celestial bridge without industrial foundation of suburb of Beijing, the building construction constructed at the beginning in 1954, the national leader joined in the starting ceremony and announced operation production in October of 1957. Its high speed is rare in the early days of foundation, it is condensing the diligent work of leader of older generation and builder. In the wine area of celestial bridge, include 774 factories, 738 factories, the accomplishment of these three factories with what 718 union factories prepared to establish at the same time, not only has changed the appearance of the wine area of celestial bridge but also formed the beginning of the great development in the history of Chinese electronics industry, this acts on the history written into China s electronic industrial development forever ahead. The economic construction of the country, has especially made remarkable contribution to construction, national defense construction, development of communication industry of the electronics industry after 718 union factories build up. Will it be April 1964, four machine portion cancel 718 the intersection of union and the intersection of factory and organizational system, 706 factory, 707 factory, 718 factory, 797 factory, 798 factory and 751 factories directly under the person who establish.
[Architectural design of 718 union factories ] 718 union factories are the country First Five-Year Plan One of the 156 key items during this time, it is one of the aid projects to China of socialist camp. Because of in leading position of electronics industry under the camp, GDR give, build and unites the important task of the factory. At that time, Sri Lankan of Ecuador, vice-premier of GDR, received and assumed command in person, utilized technology, expert and apparatus production line of the whole GDR, have finished this project. Because GDR does not have factories of equal scale, so Ecuador Sri Lankan receive, organize GDR 44 institutes and authoritative expert of factory establish one 718 the intersection of union and the intersection of factory and the intersection of project and backup group, collected the strength of electronics industry of the whole GDR finally, including it had grand project with ideal Utopia that the technology, expert, apparatus production line finished this. 718 jointly the first factory director Li Rui of the factory says in recalling the article: I have watched more than 20 factories of Germany, among them not a factory is with such scale. As far as I know, in Soviet Union and country of the socialist other camps, the factory of this kind of scale is really rare.
Germany continues a architecture mechanism and responsible for uniting factory s huge architectural design, it and Ballhaus school of that year are in the same city, the two are applicable to all on the spiritual aspect of building. In 1919, Groppi established Ballhaus school in Weimar of Germany in dark Sri Lankan. Under the influence of abstract art, a kind of new industrial art style and architectural style were born, its main characteristic is: Pay attention to meeting the practical requirement; Give play to new material and technical feature and aesthstic performance of the new structure; The model is succinct, it is flexible to pattern. Based on this, the new modernism architectural style takes shape, maintain that meets great modern industrial production and need living, regarded stressing building function, technology and economic benefits as the characteristic, was known as Ballhaus school later.
Uniting the factory has typical Ballhaus styles, it is a practical and succinct perfect model that combines, Germen pursue on the quality of the building high-standardly. For example, designs of the shock strength, more than 8 grades, and the Sino-Soviet standards at that time were all 6 to 7 grades; For example, in order to guarantee the tightness, has used brick of building 500 again; In addition, the window of factory building is to the north, and window of the general building at that time is all towards the south, the design can utilize daylight and reflect all fully, this kept even and stability of the light, and experience from the vision looks, the invariable light can produce a kind of ineffable aesthetic feeling. [Stand-by of the factory building and forming of artistic district ]
December of 2000, six units such as 700 former factory, 706 factories, 707 factories, 718 factories, 797 factories, 798 factories combine and recombinate into the electricity scientific and technological group limited company of China of seven stars of Beijing. Seven star groups are a number of subscribed new high-tech enterprises initially of garden of Beijing and electronic city, because has combined former six factory assets again, some house properties have been left unused. In order to make these some house properties get and fully utilize, seven star groups have hired out these factory buildings successively.
In February of 2002, Americans Robert rented dining room of the Huis of 120 square meters lower here, look of the back company of the shop before transforming into. Robert ran Chinese art website, some persons who often associates with him successively settled on spacious space and cheap rental here too, rent and play some factory buildings as the operating room or show the space one after another. 798 The artist is from colony The snowball Roll in this way. Because of loud, the trading volume of the work of art grows with each passing day too. Since 2004, Swedish prime minister, Swiss prime minister, German Premier (Schroder) , Austrian Premier, European Union president ( Barrault assists) , Belgian imperial concubine, the intersection of Annan and Mrs., Chirac of French president madam,etc. successively visit 798 artistic districts. Schroder sighs over while visiting 798 artistic districts with feeling: Ballhaus building decades ago seldom finds in Germany, exists in Beijing today, it is really too rare! Belgian imperial concubine has spent several ten thousand dollars buying the work of art. The leaders or their wife of foreign countries who have been to 798 artistic districts think unanimously, 798 artistic districts are very good, have not expected there is good place where such behavior enlivens the thought in China, have reflected the achievement of reform and opening-up of China.
In 2003, 798 artistic districts were chosen as one of the artistic centres of 22 significant most educated cities in the world by American TIME. In the same year, Beijing is selected in Newsweek annual 12th National Congress world city for the first time, in that 798 artistic districts turned an old and useless factory into a fashion community. In 2004, Beijing was listed in the world where American Fortune Magazine was evaluated once per year there is one of the 20 expansionary cities, the reason selected remains 798.
Nearly two over the past three years, come to 798 artistic districts, visit, visit, emulation and view, exchange, people to buy work of art more and more. According to the sample investigation, in 2004, about 450,000 people, in 2005, the person of about more than over 500,000 visited this district. The proportion of external visitor and Chinese visitor is probably 4: 6. 798 artistic travel of district attack 798 walk one circle come down 20 minute, have an area of, have more thanth cultural mechanism now by one slightly, including publishing, architectural design, dress designing, the indoor home furnishing is designed, the music is performed, the movie & TV is broadcast, artist s operating room,etc.. Except the gallery, there are bars, the restaurant, clothes shop, the bookstore, Yoga centre Fill with everything. Choose a lot of here, the mere restaurant has France, Italy, there is Sichuan Cuisine. Visitors can buy an artistic district guide to pursue at the gallery or bar, or stroll around clear-cutly at will by oneself. Walk directly from the gate of celestial bridge No. 4 of wine, see the big brands of the artistic district of large rockery, artistic district subject. A passway here is very famous in the artistic district, the embryonic form of the artistic district of large rockery is produced here.
Beauty spot partly is as follows,
[Impression photographic the gallery a century ' China) ]Different kind photos such as traditional fashion, most photos are the boss Chen GuangJun is developed and made. The intersection of here and some at ordinary times very difficult to see the Hope Project solve Syngnathus personal exhibition expire just for instance, exhibition.
[798 tense space ( China) ]Hire out space, give news briefing and the intersection of clothes and the intersection of news conference,etc. and activity, have, exhibit while being relying mainly on device too. The roof here is a unique sawtooth arc, it was 50 the person of former East Germany designed Ballhaus building supervised, this kind of style has been already rare too in Germany. [Beijing Tokyo artistic a project ' Japan) ]First gallery of artistic district. Take contemporary art as the core.
[All over the world the salt ' China) ]Sichuan Cuisine is genuine, cook that invited from small place of Sichuan directly, has not passed the chiselling and carving of the big city, the strange smell duck is the recommendation.
[AT CAFE (China) ]The yellow sharp cafe, it is Italian coffee that he says the characteristic here, it is many to be better than Starbucks. Pizza, sandwich are good. The architectural style stresses the original appearance of factory building.
[Seven bars expect the intersection of pavilion and son ' China) ]Important contemporary the intersection of artist and maos of chestnut turn on, if you have thoughts and feelings, can also leave a message in the wallboard. It is famous artists contemporary Zhang XiaoTao,WenBo Chen, Yu Peng, Yuan Sun, celebrating, is it white should Lip river, dark green and prosperous, operating rooms such as Fu Lei, Ma ShuQing, Xing JunQin,etc. are assembled herein.
[Culture of the Long March of 12,500 kilometers travel in the center ' China) ]Famous contemporary artist Lu Jie, has recorded an activity that he did in early period here: Lead a lot of artists to exchange with local artist along the route of the Long March. Most routes have already left now. The folk art exhibition here is very interesting, the full wall of works like paper-cut old actor Gao FengLian in Shaanxi is all. [West garden refined to collect the gallery ' China) ]The tradition is drawn for the main fact, China always draws and duplicates and does very well.
[Beijing season cafe (VINCENT CAFE) (France) ]Family pub of France that the artistic district is most worth. Shopkeeper warm and full of trees Frenchmen have France restaurant works as a general manager in one famous Beijing. He studied to cook and managed in Paris of France from 15 years old. The French thin pancake here is very genuine, can put meat and dish, can put ice cream and fruit. SHOOTER that Sen Wen make very fine, adjust three wine in one piece small, one goes ahead. The warm people characterized meaning full of trees, he wants to say to the person that came: We have only all one s life, must try every day happily.
[Beijing season gallery ( Singapore) ]The professional gallery largest in area of artistic district, they have also specially put in a skylight for the sparrow that lived in the roof. Will show the new high art European film sometimes here, can not see in the other places of Beijing definitely.
[3818 storehouses (U.S.A.) ]Central American institutes and operating rooms of the American institute s teacher of Tsing-Hua University. The print and some canvases of tradition are the main fact, very interesting.
[Benevolence club ( China) ]Member system, there are activities such as concerts,etc..
[Sui founded the state in the operating room of the sculpture ' China) ]The sculpture workshop of the central American institute, various sculptures are put outside. An arm of Chairman Mao s is Sui JianGuo s sculpture.
[Blank a space ' Germany) ]The characteristic is China and Germany s contemporary artistic joint exhibition.
[China contemporary ( Britain) ]Their gallery in London is the first gallery which specialize in contemporary artist s work living in China and working of the west.
[Fruit SAGE ( China) ]The woman s manor, make the clothes by hand. 500 yuan, tailor that they taught visitors two months.
[Modern the bookstore ' U.S.A.) ]China contemporary art most complete, best bookstore, introduce a lot of one edition of books outside. 798 take the place of art while being proper will the intersection of China and contemporary innovation of art popularize the organization -798 took the place of art to know properly, opened in 798 artistic districts of Beijing formally on December 2, 2006, as the image windows and exchange platforms of 798 artistic districts in Beijing, 798 will take the place of art, through being all-round to step the intersection of circle and operation, promote the intersection of China and contemporary art and fashion, design, culture interdynamic of field while being proper, and gather the personage of new master in various fields extensively and provide new developing artistic participation method and life ideal for masses incessantly.
Space to like the intersection of life and house of art establish by three people, want, look for more colleagues with artist of love life in life s name, near to art . Space whom name choose make clear the purpose and main theme from the very beginning -Take the place of art to know properly. So everything is correlated to contemporary art: Canvas, print, modern water handwriting, photographs, sculpture, pottery, device, audio-visual multimedia, and design the exhibition to all find here. However, if only seem not to very distinguish with all galleries, what they wanted to find even more is that the whole people participate in so, everybody s interdynamic feeling, so, here is photography laboratory, on-the-spot art of acting, sound laboratory at the same time. In order to let younger generation have stereoscopic show spaces, here is the distributing centre where art authorizes products, intention products even designer s clothes too.
The possibility of art appears, strengthen the property of participation of art, it is 798 that takes the place of the goal that art will put forth effort to pursue properly, just because of this, the space is since selecting respect of operating to the market etc. to change the operation way of the traditional gallery of work of art, through artistic salon, artistic PARTY the intersection of activity and form, let numerous hope, can participate in contemporary people of art natural incorporating life of art; And can offer Too beautiful ( Take-me-home) Art participate in exhibition and work of art deposit / exchange and work of art buy on behalf / customize and work of art invest / collect services such as consultation,etc., and can offer consultation of operation service for all kinds of mechanism artistic fund / reward.
straight In 798, you are taking the place of properly, 798 takes the place of art to know properly, in order to pursue you of artistic life!
It can be offered to take the place of art that 798 is proper:
Canvas Print Modern water handwriting Photographs Sculpture Pottery Device Audio-visual multimedia Design the exhibition Photography laboratory On-the-spot art of acting Sound experiment
Art authorizes the products Intention products Couture clothes
Too beautiful (TMH) Art participates in the exhibition Inner Party
Work of art deposit, exchange and work of art buy on behalf, customize and work of art invest, collect consultation, organization artistic fund, reward operation consultation