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Chengde gymnasium Hebei Chengde of China

Chengde gymnasium Hebei Chengde of China

Write: Amirov [2011-05-23]

Chengde gymnasium  Hebei Chengde of China

Building location: Military strong way of district of one pair of bridges of Chengde

Built in 1984, came into operation in 1989.

The room one is metal grid structure, 44 24 meters in the hall field, rice of high l5, 2246 seats, the area of entrance hall is 400 square meters.

In the west of the hall, southern side are the square, the area is 7971 square meters. Enclose 1 outdoor court, 684 square meters, the ground of plastic: 2 basketball courts, 2000 square meters.

This hall is suitable for the basket, arrange, handball, badminton, table tennis, shuttlecock playing, various value exhibiting and selling etc. at sports event, the gymnastics, sports dance match, performance, acrobatics, art performances, large-scale meeting, goods.