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Large world of Shanghai travels Shanghai of China

Large world of Shanghai travels Shanghai of China

Write: Abhilasha [2011-05-23]

Large world of Shanghai travels  Shanghai of China

Open hour

9: 00 to 21: 30


25 yuan


No. 71, Subway Line No. two,etc.


Large world of Shanghai is that one is with 80 years of history, the well-known and internal and external amusement house. Established in 1917, the founder was Huang Chujiu. China and most influential room comprehensive to travel in the place initially. Lay in Tibet South Road of Huangpu district, rebuilt in 1924, the structure of the reinforced concrete frame, the level is L shape.

large world It was once the place of entertainment where old Shanghai attracted citizens most, there are a lot of small-scale stages inside, perform various operas, folk art forms, song and dance and recreation to mix and play by turns, in order to offer premium amusement, the recreation of low consumption, large world has put out nine major series of items of recreation: Cartoon world, it is maritime scene it is old, Kiness dream, European conditions and customs, feeling children s interesting, video game, opera song and dance, movie & TV essence, world amusement houses large.

The large present world covers an area of 6537 square meters, with a construction area of 13580 square meters, the architectural style relatively mixes, mainly imitate the Greco-Roman Style of the Western language, but is only limited to gate, cylinder hall and theater,etc., and internal a lot of China s traditional forms, it is a representative one in the modern amusement building.

Have kept the national characteristic, masses, ornamental traditional characteristic, has added the activity project with property of participation and amusement, there are performance theater, music hall, theatre, Kiness sports performance drawing room, perform the opera, song and dance, acrobatics, magic in turn incessantly every day, and show film and Kiness sports performance, recreating by oneself,etc.

, and several dozen recreation projects such as the game room, dancing hall, evil spirit strange world, billiard hall, table tennis room, roller bearing rink, and there are Chinese-style restaurant and Shanghai special snacks corridor.