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The mountain travels on the ninth Quanzhou of China

The mountain travels on the ninth Quanzhou of China

Write: Cromwell [2011-05-23]

The mountain travels on the ninth  Quanzhou of China

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Unless from Quanzhou urban area 7 kilometers, 15 kilometers of airports from Jinjiang,from after small piece of land surrounded by water 15 kilometers of harbours, belong to state towns abundant will fit in the south. Special No. 6, bus No. of bus of special line 602 of travel can be reached in Quanzhou urban area. Quanzhou urban area is to three bright directions driving, the entry is not very showy.


The mountain is the starting point of maritime Silk Road on the ninth. It is located in the north bank of Jinjiang, 7 kilometers from Quanzhou urban area, 15 kilometers from Jinjiang airport, from after 15 kilometers of small piece of land surrounded by water harbours, abundant without being fitted state town when belonging to on the south. As far back as the West Jin Dynasty 9 years such as health very much A.D. 288) ,The immigrants in Central Plains who migrate to the ground of Fujian will mount this mountain and look at Central Plains afar every the Chung Yeung Festival, because the Chung Yeung Festival is the ninth day of September, this mountain is named as the nine days mountain.
Mountain Israel of the ninth There is not stone that does not carve characters in the mountain Well-known all sides, deposit since the Song yuan rub precipice, it inscribes 70 to be multistage now, a famous one praying for the stone engraving of wind of Song Dynasty most. Mountain pray for wind stone engraving group the intersection of China and in existence praying for the intersection of wind and stone engraving at most, can be rated as the intersection of China and ancient maritime monument of Silk Road nine, it is a Chinese Key Cultural Relic Unit under State Protection. Because the maritime traffic is very developed when ancient in Quanzhou, people have a favourable wind in order to try to get navigating, often hold Pray for the wind ceremony ,The stone engraving is the important relics of the ancient overseas traffic of Quanzhou, it is the historical witness of the exchange of friendly visits of people of various countries of China and Asian-Africa too.
There is peak of things the north three on the mountain, it is similar to pincerses. Because Xifeng was famous in the Tang Dynasty poet s the Qin s lived in seclusion here, put and called Gao ShiFeng, or the west platform. There are Buddhism statues of five generations of stones in the summit, call the stone Foshan. The stone Buddha, in order that five generations are getting old and big the advocacy carve, 4.5 meters high, 1.5 meters wide, shield the chest and sit crosslegged on the lotus throne, the clothing line is smooth and symmetrical, it is the earliest stone carving statue of Quanzhou, build the stone pavilion outside, in order to protect the stone image, all stones construct, the hard mountain type roof, one is getting wide and deep, have one, it is square. The east peak because prime minister s ginger of the Tang Dynasty is common to complemented and degraded in rank and was subordinate to the spring, was sent in the mark mountain, buried this after the soldier, thus come the name of Jiang XiangFeng, or the east platform, because it is similar to Chinese unicorn, is commonly called as the Chinese unicorn mountain again. The north peak connects the peak of the things two, call the north platform, three peaks encircle into a depressed place, call the white cloud depressed place. White cloud produce cave in the depressed place, green Tan, among being deep and remote, produce the intersection of gorge and south note, the intersection of Bodhisattva and the intersection of spring and famous historical site.
In February of 1991, UNESCO came to Quanzhou to carry on maritime Silk Road Integrated survey, without cease that the experts and scholars of various countries highly praise this famous historical site when coming to mountain of the ninth, and left and investigated the stone engraving of keeping a record of events, has added the splendor for the tablet inscription of stone engraving on mountain of nine days.