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Avery Dennison Foundation InvEnt "Spirit of Invention" Scholarship Program Promising Undergraduates in China

Avery Dennison Foundation InvEnt "Spirit of Invention" Scholarship Program Promising Undergraduates in China

Write: Benton [2011-05-20]

Two Award Recipients Filed for Patents, Highlighting Program Success

The Avery Dennison Foundation today announced the InvEnt "Spirit of Invention" scholarship program has expanded its support to 44 promising undergraduate students in China, with scholarship awards amounting to US$105,600 (equivalent to RMB739,000) since 2008. Two award recipients filed patents last year, demonstrating the program's success in encouraging students' innovativeness and entrepreneurship while grooming them as future leaders able to sustain China's economic and technological achievements. The Avery Dennison Foundation InvEnt "Spirit of Invention" scholarship program launched in 2008 as Avery Dennison Foundation's first initiative outside the United States. The 12 inaugural InvEnt scholars, now in their final undergraduate year, were joined by 16 new first-year students in 2009 and a further 16 this year. In 2009/2010, two scholarship recipients from the South China University of Technology filed patents for their inventions: Mengxi He trademarked a device to upturn boxes on a conveyor belt; and Mengxi He and Hao Wu jointly patented a new vacuum-tube solar water heater.

"The Avery Dennison Foundation InvEnt Spirit of Invention Scholarship Program is designed to foster the spirit of invention and entrepreneurship in China by inspiring creative, inventive students to become significant contributors to the economic well-being of their communities and China as a whole," said Ms Diane B. Dixon, President of Avery Dennison Foundation, Chief Communications Officer and Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs of Avery Dennison. "As a company that believes in investing in the communities in which our employees live and work, Avery Dennison is proud to support the next generation of innovators in China."

The Avery Dennison Foundation scholarship program is being conducted in cooperation with four leading universities in China this year: Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication; East China University of Science and Technology; South China University of Technology; and WuHan University. Students selected from these institutions for Avery Dennison Foundation InvEnt "Spirit of Invention" scholarships will each receive a US$1,300 scholarship (equivalent to RMB9,100) for the 2010/2011 academic year. The program also includes a one-and-a-half-day "Spirit of Invention" workshop at Avery Dennison's Neal Research Center in Kunshan, where students are trained in the innovation process, and learn how to hone their inventive and entrepreneurial skills.

Martin Daffner, Director of Neal Research Center, Avery Dennison, said, "Innovation has always been a cornerstone of Avery Dennison's success. That an innovation such as the adhesive label can create a global industry worth tens of billions of dollars shows the power of a good idea supported by many more good ideas over the years. We want to help China's students understand the value of innovation and its ability to enable businesses, industries and entire economies to grow and expand."

As part of the InvEnt initiative, Avery Dennison Foundation also sponsors "Discover Innovation" workshops at select universities throughout the year. Students participate in interactive lectures with Avery Dennison scientists and complete team-based projects that aim to foster invention. Over the past two years, 132 students have benefited from this program.

Each of the 16 scholars chosen this year was selected for their high academic standing and potential to think innovatively based on invention proposals submitted during the scholarship application process. Please visit http://www.averydennison.com.cn for submission details.

The 2010 InvEnt Scholars in China

1) Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication

Name of Scholar Award-winning project
i) Zhao Xizhe Economical and Beautiful Package of Cream Products
ii) Tao Qilu Cape of Wire
iii) Luo Qiaosong Multi-purpose Cylindrical Shoe Rack

2) East China University of Science and Technology

Name of Scholar Award-winning project
i) Liu Zhihong Heat Energy Converter
ii) Bao Feng Smoke Exhaust Ventilation
iii) Chen Qiqi Energy saving water dispenser
iv) Lin Yuan Dip Tube Equipment
v) Wang Sheng Detachable Liquid Mirror
vi) Wu Feiyan Slope Parking Lot

3) South China University of Technology

Name of Scholar Award-winning project
i) Deng Jianxiang Energy-saving Control System for Street Lights
ii) Duan Xiaojun Convenient USB Plug
iii) Ren Feng Connecting Bookshelf
iv) Zhang Yousheng Shock Absorption and Electricity Generating System

4) WuHan University

Name of Scholar Award-winning project
i) Bai Di Electronic Door
ii) Zhang Yuxuan Ice Leveler
iii) Zha Huiting Electric Energy Generation

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