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Shanghai Fudan University travels Shanghai of China

Shanghai Fudan University travels Shanghai of China

Write: Daba [2011-05-23]

Shanghai Fudan University travels  Shanghai of China

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The address of general headquarters: Road No. 220 of Handan of Yangpu district. The public transit 139, 59, 942, 866, 133, 854, 118, bridge Line five,etc. can arrive. The address of district of forest school of Chinese sweet gum: The road No. 138 of medical college of Xuhui District, attend to the institute and lie in the road No. 305 of forest of the Chinese sweet gum of Xuhui District. The address of Zhangjiang school district: Zhang Heng road 825 of Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park of Pudong New Area.


The institution of higher education of Fudan University trains: learned and is steadfast in one s purpose, cut asking but thinking near ; School discipline: civilization, health, unity, exertion ; The style of study: diligent, rigorous, realistic, innovate . Introduce: Fudan University was established in 1905, it is common to be originally known as Fudan University and study, it was the first institution of higher learning that Chinese established independently.

Fudan University Two words are selected by founder, China modern famous educationist s horse s looks uncle gentleman, selected from <>China the moonlight China of day, Fudan University of dawn Well-known phrase,intend to make unremitting efforts to improve oneself,find sustenance by intellectual running a school, hopes of powerful country educational independently Chinese at that time.

Once have large quantities of academic masters and famous scholars in history of Fudan University, enjoy high reputation outside China. Famous scholars such as Zhou Gucheng, Su Buqing, Xie Xide,etc. teach at school for a long time, have established rich intellectual tradition and foundation for Fudan University.

Large quantities of famous experts such as Tan Jiazhen, Wu HaoQing, still enliven on the academic stage outside China, become the representatives of contemporary academic spirit of Fudan University. Fudan University has trained more than 180,000 graduates of various kinds together to build the school, emerge, include the intersection of right and let, LiZi, Chen Yinke, KeZhen, Li Lanqing alumnus Zhu Shao in numerous remarkable talents inside, make remarkable contributions to construction cause of the country.

For over 100 years, the teachers and students of Fudan University have remembered learned and is steadfast in one s purpose, cut asking but thinking near School motto,last spirit,it is national liberation and development, construction and development of country, important contribution that the civilization and progress of the society are made.