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Shenyang medical college Liaoning Shenyang of China

Shenyang medical college Liaoning Shenyang of China

Write: Dionyza [2011-05-23]

Overview of Shenyang medical college

Shenyang medical college was established in 1949, it was a full-time ordinary undergraduate course school. Has built the school for over 50 years, the capability of running a school is being strengthened constantly, the standard for running a school is being improved constantly, condition for running a school is being improved constantly, has already formed and collected the undergraduate course, professorship specialized department and continued educating for the integrative multi-level school system now, successively trained more than 20,000 all types of medical talents with ability and political integrity, made due contribution for development and economic construction of hygiene industry.

In 2000, with the approval of municipal government, the institute built the new school area, finished moving wholly in October of 2001. The new campus covers an area of 446,700 square meters, with a construction area of 205,000 square meters, 105,000 square meters in the teaching area among them, 100,000 square meters of living quarters, rationally distributed, multiple functional.

The library collects 530,000 volumes, more than 1500 kinds periodicals of Chinese and foreign language books. Institute have faculty and staff now nearly 3000 people Includes the affiliated hospital) ,Our department of the institute is 672 people among them, full-time teacher is 322, the professor is 41, pair teaches 125 people; The doctor is 18, the master is 60; Enjoy to special subsidy expert of the State Council of China government 5.

Our school enrolls new students and covers Liaoning at present, 15 provinces (market) such as Jilin, Heilongjiang, the Inner Mongol, Shandong, Jiangsu, Henan, Hunan, Hubei, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Yunnan, Shaanxi, Tianjin, Qinghai , autonomous region. There are 6653 students at school now, among them: The undergraduate is 4095, the two (-or-three)-year-term college student of professorship is 2558. Student s thought of graduating is with high political quality, the basic theory is sturdy, practice ability is strong, win the favorable comment from employing unit deeply.

There are four institutes Preclinical medicine department, social science department, foreign language department, sports department) , three is Clinical department of medial science, preventing the department of medial science, hygiene manage the department) , two piece central The technique center of information, research center of experimental animal) , two second institute ( Attend to the institute, look at the optical institute) , one piece independent institute What vision is scientific for Shenyang medical college the institute) .

In addition there are adult education institute and subsidiary health school.