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Hebei Medical University Hebei Shijiazhuang of China

Hebei Medical University Hebei Shijiazhuang of China

Write: Zayit [2011-05-23]

Profile of Hebei Medical University

Hebei Medical University is located in the provincial capital Shijiazhuang of North China Plain, Hebei, amalgamated and set up in 1995 by Hebei medical college, college of traditional Chinese medicine of Hebei, medical higher junior college of Shijiazhuang. Its Central Plains Hebei medical college builds the school initially, the predecessor is the medical hall of north ocean where the Qing Government sanctioned being set up in 1894.

College of traditional Chinese medicine of former Hebei, medical higher junior college of Shijiazhuang, all have history of running a school of more than nearly 40 years too.

Hebei Medical University has already become the comprehensive medical university incorporating discipline specialities such as Western medicine, Chinese medicine, pharmacy,etc. into an organic whole at present. There are 16 institutes, 14 bachelor degrees now, clinical medicine among them, speciality of combining traditional Chinese and western medicine recruit seven -year system one largely to read to students in succession.

There are preclinical medicine, clinical medicine, combines traditional Chinese and western medicine, 4 centers for post-doctoral studies of biology, 16 disciplines have doctorate gift, 40 disciplines have gift of master s degree. The full-time students at school are 11800, have also recruited more than 50 foreign students in South Korea, Japan,etc.

countries, and qualified for recruiting the students of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao.

Whole school system have faculty and staff in all 7100 over people, the intersection of professional and technical personnel and the intersection of Chiang Kai-shek and the intersection of professorship and 441 people, associate professorship is 1134 people. There are 1781 workers now in the school district, full-time teacher is 765, among them the number of the professor is 173, associate professor is 231.

In all teachers, doctoral supervisor is 81, Master degree candidate s tutor is 858, 1, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 2 reserve persons of the academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, swallow s 1 scholar Zhao, enjoys to 112 experts of special subsidy of the State Council of China, the province is in charge of 13 outstanding experts, there are 67 in country and provincial young and middle-aged expert of outstanding contributions, 21 in country and provincial outstanding teacher, more than 40 people serve as the managing directors and directors of the national-level special society.

Hebei Medical University has complete condition for running a school. The whole school covers an area of 754,200 square meters, with a construction area of 476,000 square meters, the administrative house of teaching is with an area of 265,800 square meters; Instrument and equipment total value are 143,420,000 yuan, the library stores 881,000 volumes of paper books, 820,000 volumes of electronic books; There are 6 provincial hospitals in order to be directly subordinate to the affiliated hospital, offer 4000 sick beds, four hospitals among them are tertiary first rate hospital ,16 is not under the jurisdiction of affiliated hospital, over 60 teaching hospitals and practising the base.