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Yun open medical college Hubei Shiyan of China

Yun open medical college Hubei Shiyan of China

Write: Vevette [2011-05-23]

Profile of Yun open medical college

The northern foot of Wudang, the river Han south bank. Yun open medical college is located in from city to north province Shiyan the Chinese car. The school is with quiet environment, have attractive scenery, teaching life facilities are complete, manage the service regulation, it is only a medical universities and colleges of undergraduate course in Hubei Province Henan Province Sichuan and Shanxi Chongqing neighboring region.

Hubei Provincial Party committee, Government and enclosed the institute to transfer 53 backbones from former Wuhan medical college for November of 1965 in its predecessor, get to Yun open branch of medical college of Wuhan prepared to establish in Yun open mountain area. Became the undergraduate course regular higher educational institutions set up independently with the approval of former State Education Commission in 1994; Began to unite and employ and train a Master degree candidate in 1995; The first batch of disposable undergraduate course teaching of ordinary higher learning school that organized through former State Education Commission were qualified to assess in 1996.

The area of occupation of land of institute is 546 mu, there are 783 workers of teaching and administrative staff now in our department of the school, among them the number of private teacher is 445; 240 people of person who has high title in the teacher, the person who has doctors, master s degree is 205 people.

The ordinary full-time undergraduate course at school grows 5346 people, graduate student (jointly train) 82 people. Basic medical college, the Public Managerial College are established, first, two, three clinical institutes, drug test institutes, attending to institute, medicine to protect the institute (the international institute) , 9 second institutes such as School of Continuing Education,etc.

. Open clinical medicine, anaesthesia studying, medical image studying, nursing (attend to world) , the government utility is managed (medical insurance, hygiene law) Pharmacy, medical science of oral cavity, medical science is examined, information management and information system 9 bachelor degree and clinical medicine, nursing, the intersection of medical treatment and cosmetic technology, recover 4 training specialities such as treatment technology.

It belongs to the brand of Hubei and builds the speciality that among them anaesthetize studying, nursing speciality. The institute takes education of undergraduate course as the core, develop graduate education appropriately, run training and adult continuing education concurrently, have medical science, Neo-Confucianism and management bachelor s degree gift.