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Open medical college medicine of Yun protects the institute Hubei Shiyan of China

Open medical college medicine of Yun protects the institute Hubei Shiyan of China

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Open medical college medicine of Yun protects institute s profile

Yun open the intersection of medical college and medicine it protects institutes to be with the approval of national Ministry of Education, the intersection of Hubei and only medical the intersection of undergraduate course and independent institute (teach and send a letter [2004 ] for the 12th) that set up independently .

The institute is located in the Chinese car city Shiyan city center of Hubei, covers an area of nearly 20 hectares, is integral with our department of the school, the campus is with beautiful environment, the academic atmosphere is strong, roam leisurely into it, has already felt the sacredness of medical science, bathe in the cultural and educational efficacious air again, go to school in the ideal ground taking an advanced study.

Medicine protects the institute and relies on Yun open medical college with a history of 40 years and runs a school, the teaching condition is complete, well equipped. Yun open medical college is one of the medical universities and colleges under the province focused the consruction on in Hubei, school ( Includes the affiliated hospital) There are more than 5000 faculty and staff (810 people of high title among them, the master, doctorate more than 600 people) now ,The fixed total assets exceeds 2 billion yuan, there are 3 provincial key discipline and a piece of provincial living beings (medical science) such as human anatomy, clinical practice, surgery The basic experiment demonstration centre, anaesthetize two provincial undergraduate course brand specialities and human anatomy, clinical practice, physiology,etc.

three doors of provincial up-market courses such as studying, nursing, the library collects 660,000 volumes books.

Medicine has more than 100 the above-mentioned associate professor s professional titles or graduate student s academic full-time teachers to engage now to partial to the institute, other teachers share with our department; The institute trains the room, multi-media classroom there are professional laboratory, pronunciation room, computer room, physiqueing, newly build, come into operation already by 20,000 modernized comprehensive teaching building, solicit, already put into operation by overth extension project in campus newly while being the second stage of.

Student move in the intersection of facility and complete 4 or standard dormitory of 6 people room Campus network, telephone) ,Complete in the sports place of literature and art, student s corporation is active, the extracurriliar cultural activity is abundant. Our department of the school has three large-scale comprehensive tertiary first rate affiliated hospitals, have offered the condition that medicine protected institute s clinical teaching, in addition medicine still has clinical teaching bases to protect the institute in large-scale hospitals such as Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places.